Sam Trammell On The Set Of ‘True Blood’

Thank GOODNESS the cast of ‘True Blood‘ is back at work. I’ve been going through withdrawals! 😉 Here’s Sam Trammell on the set of the hit HBO show which was filming on location in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon.

We have a few months to wait before the series hits the air again – but at least we can see that work is being done on the project.

Who kidnapped Bill Compton?!! Post your theories here. I will put mine under the cut.

I “heard” that Hoyt’s mother kidnapped him (the guy that’s dating Jessica). Who knows if that is true or not – but that’s what I read somewhere.

Photos by INF




  1. Isabela says

    I used to think it was Eric but that’s too obvious…I now think that it’s his maker Lorena!!! Remember he told her to go away & she was so upset….I believe it’s her now getting back at him!!

    P.S. Love your site!!!

  2. OutInLeftField says

    It’s about time they get back to work. I am starting to have some serious True Blood withdrawal attacks.

    At first I too thought it was Eric who took Bill but I don’t think so now. I like the Lorena guess and I’ll even throw out there one of those vampires from Dallas. In the books it’s Lorena who takes Bill so that’s a good guess.

  3. CCsMama says

    argh, I watch this series on Netflix and that was a dumb spoiler to put on the front page. I still haven’t seen season 2. boo :-(

  4. Anonymous says

    I definitely think it is Lorena because of the books. Alan Ball deviates alot but he’s kept the series along the same path, so I think Lorena is definitely the kidnapper.

  5. Anonymous says

    I agree, I think the kidnapper will be Lorena, Bill’s maker. I also think Sookie will end up killing Lorena this season! It seems like each season is based on each book.

  6. Anonymous says

    In the books it’s Lorena. She has him trapped somewhere in a shed bound in silver and Sookie gains the help of Were’s to save him. I can’t wait to see Alcide, who’s the main were and really sexy in the book.

  7. Anonymous says

    well it’s clearly a vampire because they were wearing gloves so the silver wouldn’t burn them and I think Eric is way too obvious and since this show is INSANE to say the least I would have to go with someone we wouldn’t expect. Maybe Lorena or the vampire queen.

  8. Anonymous says

    I’m torn between Eric and Lorena obviously and the reason I lean toward Eric is that he wants Sookie, hates Bill and I don’t like Eric. Ms. Harris said in a Q&A that someone from Shreveport had something to do with the kidnapping in her books and I’m thinking AB will change things up again.

  9. Anonymous says

    i think has who tok bill is the new gang leader coot.. rreason why cause i think hes hired bye the queen or eric to do it cause of the v connection.. spoilers do say bill is bitten and drained.. dont think lorena would let that happen to bill