Is That Dr. Drew Pinsky?

This picture is dedicated to my cousin Veronica who has an absolute crush on Dr. Drew Pinsky. When she gets a whiff of this post, I think she might pass out.

Here’s a shirtless Dr. Drew bringing out the guns for a walk on the beach during a recent vacation in Hawaii with family. The Celebrity Rehab Guru was seen exiting the water wearing a pair of grey board shorts. Not bad.

Are you a Celebrity Rehab fan?

Photo by Splash




  1. James says

    Loveline was that show back in the day! Man I miss being a teenager and carefree sometimes!

  2. Manimal says

    Not a Loveline fan, DonnaJ? I remember watching it on MTV (I think?) way back in the day. Man I feel old.

  3. Vedder says

    Dr. Drew is brilliant and compassionate–love the dude! Love Celeb Rehab and Sex Rehab on VH1 right now.