Rick Fox Set To Appear On ‘Dollhouse’ With Girlfriend Eliza Dushku

I still can’t get over that ‘Dollhouse‘ was not renewed. It’s so ANNOYING. I actually really like the show. (sorry to vent)

On January 8th, Eliza Dushku will appear alongside current boyfriend Rick Fox during an episode of ‘Dollhouse’. How fun! I always love to see real life partners work together on a scene.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the hoops star-turned-actor (Dirt, One Tree Hill) will appear as an Active in the Jan. 8 episode of the soon-to-expire drama.

In the don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it cameo, Fox’s Doll will be seen rising from the imprint chair after having been given his original personality back. Next thing you know (spoiler alert!), he’s being released into the wild along with dozens of other Dolls.

So it’s not Emmy worthy – but it’s something to look out for.




  1. Hrafnhildure says

    I am so sad about Dollhouse too. I really like that show. Especially the relationship and connection between Ballard and Echo.

  2. Anonymous says

    It totally sucks that FOX isn’t renewing Dollhouse. The show was just really starting to get good.