Yo. I’m A Celebrity. Get Me In This Damn Room

Always a pleasure. I give you ‘Snooki’ from ‘The Jersey Shore’ on ‘The Jay Leno’ show.

When asked how she would like to change the world, Snooki said:

I would put tanning beds in everyone’s homes.

Her favorite junk food:


The last book she read:

I don’t read books. I tried to read ‘Twilight’ but it got boring after the second page. There’s no pictures.

Her most prized possession:

Bronzer and eyeliner.

Yes, there’s more.




  1. Katie Bee says

    She is absolutely pulling a Paris Hilton and dumbing herself down for more attention. I don’t doubt, though, that underneath the act…is not an act. Haha.

  2. Anonymous says

    Not funny or entertaining. Normally she would be asking you if you want fries, but unfortunately, she will be making tons of cash “hosting” events where morons will gladly shell out to see her. Pathetic.

  3. CapturingLife says

    It is just an act but she’s hysterical most times. Dumb is kinda funny when you are in the right mood. rofl