Christina Aguilera’s Son Inspired Upcoming Album

Oh Max! I’m sure he will really appreciate this interview when he gets older.

Christina Aguilera says her son inspired her new album. The ‘Beautiful’ singer – who will release her fourth CD, ‘Bionic’, in March – says her sound has changed dramatically since she became a mother thanks to her 23-month-old son Max. She told Marie Claire magazine:

“I had a really hard time being light before. I’d get a little weird about it being too cliched. My first record was very cliched pop – what everyone else wanted.

“‘Stripped’ was inspired by a lot of pain and ‘Back to Basics’ still had some sort of relation to my past.

“My new one is just about the future – my son in my life, motivating me to want to play and have fun.

“Things that maybe I’ve been afraid to do in the past, to allow myself to go to a place of ‘less singing’. I’m more vulnerable and stronger at the same time.”

Has motherhood affected her creativity?

“As far as motherhood affecting me creatively goes – like, I shouldn’t be wearing that because I’m a mom – it hasn’t. That wouldn’t be fair to me.

“It’s important to keep a strong sense of yourself when you’re a mom. You’re still you.”

Bionic isn’t the only thing on Christina’s plate. The singer is also currently filming ‘Burlesque‘ which hits theatres this November. Looks like this is Christina’s year!

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  1. mcashflash says

    Exactly what @meme said. I’ve always been a huge fan of Christina, and still am, but that whole ensemble just does nothing to flatter her. Much too severe of a hair cut, bad bad make-up, and yes, too much sag on those too big of boobies. Had to say boobies. Hate that word, lol.

  2. catsup says

    dress fail. the only girls allowed to wear a dress with no bra are the ones with smaller tittays. she needs a bra or at least use those tape bra thingys.

  3. sweet kiddo says

    she always been really petite before Max so it’s no surprise that she went back to beeing tiny again ..

  4. Anonymous says

    bones in breast plate are quite visible as are the ends of her collar bones at the shoulders. Sure looks anorexic to me.

  5. Anonymous says

    Her breasts look much smaller as well as saggy… I seriously wonder if she’s had her implants removed or perhaps downsized

  6. monique says

    i cant wait for her new album i love christina and i rmrbr when i 1st heard gaga i thought that she was xtina….smh she really needs 2 come back b/c im mistaking her for gaga :(

  7. CaptainSpauldingToTheRescue says

    I’m guessing it broke off. That’s probably why it’s such an odd length.

  8. Jessy says

    She lost weight too quickly, not to mention too much…Her silicones have dropped quite a bit and she’s looking emaciated. Why women do this to themselves is beyond me…

  9. meme says

    she’s a pretty woman and a great singer but wears way too much makeup and her fake boobs are way too big and saggy