Kate Moss Has A New Hobby: Synchronized Swimming

Who am I to judge? I started to take aqua fitness with the seniors and I’m loving it. LOL!!!

Kate Moss has taken up synchronized swimming. The model spent almost a week mastering a water dance routine at a luxurious hotel in Phuket, Thailand – where she saw in the New Year – before performing for a big group of friends, including fellow model Naomi Campbell yesterday.

Kate has spent five days solid preparing for this synchronized swimming display.”

The 35-year-old style icon took the task so seriously she even wore professional attire and studied from a guide book to help her perfect the challenging moves.

“Underwater music was piped through her hotel pool, allowing her to practice her moves and refine the art of water ballet. Sporting a nose clip and floral swimming cap – worn ironically – she had a hotel worker download an online handbook so she could learn all the moves.

“Kate has perfected all the basic sculling moves and twirls, plus the eggbeater – basically treading water – but has really struggled with the crane which requires a great deal of core strength.”

Kate’s week of training ended last night with an alcohol-fueled performance which left her friends and rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince in hysterics. The source told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

“Last night she invited a group of model friends, including Naomi, to her villa for the show. It was a roaring success and everyone was in hysterics watching Kate and co. pirouetting underwater.

“The only blip in the evening was when a rather tipsy Kate tried to jump back in the pool at midnight for an impromptu solo performance. Boyfriend Jamie Hince had to physically hold her back. But Kate reckons it’s been amazing for her bum and tum, and has really toned her up.”

Sounds like fun all around. I just love the British. Bum and Tum. Everything sounds so much more pleasant.

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  1. AnimalBuddy says

    I AM a synchronized swimmer, and I can tell you it takes a whole lot longer than a week to ‘master’ all of the moves listed!!!

  2. merce369 says

    Why? How? – i’m still frustrated with the fact that this woman is a model . – How?? Why??

  3. Scruffy says

    I doubt that anyone can ‘master’ this art in 5 days… bet ja she was just taking the piss.

  4. says

    Grand. If there’s one word I hate, it’s grand. It’s so phony. For a second, I was tempted to tell her to forget about the matinee. But we chewed the fat for a while. That is, she chewed it.

  5. Anonymous says

    you really CAN NOT learn or “master” those above mentioned techniques in only five days.