Lady Gaga Apologizes To Fans Via Twitter Over Concert Mess

Lady Gaga took to her Twitter today to apologize to the fans who were caught in a ticket debacle over her Chicago performances. Three shows were set for one venue but then at the last minute, it was decided to add two more shows and move the venue to a larger facility to accomodate her big production. In the process, fans lost their original seating and had to repurchase new tickets after receiving a refund.

The shift to the suburban venue meant ticketholders had five days to receive full refunds and the option to participate in a second presale – which guaranteed them seats at the Rosemont Theatre, but not necessarily with the same proximity to the stage as the tickets they originally purchased at the Chicago Theatre. And that’s assuming all Chicago Theatre ticketholders read the announcement in the media or via e-mail during a holiday week.

Needless to say, fans were outraged over having to fight for tickets a second time. In a series of Tweets, she sent this message:

To my little monsters, I am so sick over the 2 venues that were moved for Monsterball,and am sincerely sorry to all my fans who lost seats

A serious error was made by my production staff, and it is so unfair to you, who are so loyal.My show was not designed to fit in this venue about 2 hours ago from web

The monsterball was moved so we could still perform, not to sell more tickets. I promise to make it up to you, you are everything to mexgaga about 2 hours ago from web

What a mess. I’m sure the fans will get forgive her, as it’s out of her hands – and hopefully most were able to land tickets for the new venue.

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  1. Anonymous says

    i hate her!! she look horrible with the clothes she wears!! And i don’t what to say “she or he!?”

  2. imagamble says

    I think she is probably a nice girl and I’m sure I’m “out of it” but those outfits are hideous!

  3. Anonymous says

    Why in the hell are you so hateful, people? Ah, I get it you’re from the United States of America. Wait… I am too. *scratches head with foot*

  4. Anonymous says

    So.. Scruffy…I know not everyone on this page is from the U.S. but the non-“sheep” on here sure do act like it.

  5. smp209 says

    aw that was a really heartfelt message, you can tell she genuinely felt awful about the situation

  6. Anonymous says

    aw that was a really heartfelt message, you can tell she genuinely felt awful about the situation IT MEANS MONEY.

  7. Anonymous says

    Genuine? BS! She makes up the list of where the ‘tour’ goes, she signs off on it all! She’s just cleaning it up so SHE doesn’t look bad! Did you not read what she wrote,”A serious error was made by my production staff”, her staff is at fault she had nothing to do with it oh my, she’s such a pretentious bitch..but I imagine all the sleep will still follow.

  8. Anonymouslas says

    she is so ridiculous. she tries so hard to be like madonna.any theres only one madonna dear. try next life. she tries to be a sweet girl but shes a bitch. she does coccaine. move on u dont even do charity