Supernatural Co-Stars Jared Padalecki And Genevieve Cortese Are Engaged

As a HUGE fan of the show I am so happy to hear that Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese are engaged! There were some Twitter rumors that leaked a few days ago which started it all. Guess it made enough noise for Jared’s rep to make an official announcement.

Sam Winchester’s
finally tying the knot eh? Just like his on screen brother (and love of my life) Jensen Ackles who got engaged last Fall. Love is certainly in the air!





  1. Anonymous says

    Uh…They are cute, but…deja vu? Didn’t he get engaged and break up with a co star about a year ago? Or was that Dean?

  2. Lux says

    Congrats to Jared and Gen! Jared is so cute and hot. I love him as Sammy who is my fav Winchester!

  3. Anonymous says

    shes very pretty, and he is drop deas gorgeous. i love him in supernatural. he is so cutee(: im happy for him and her!

  4. tina says

    What happened to sandy mccoy?:/ have they split up?? Wow hes moved on quick:/ who is this girl anyway? :s i haven’t been catching up latetly..this was a couple of years ago but wow…

  5. katgib13 says

    I don’t watch Supernatural but loved him on GG and she was great on Wildfire. They make an adorable couple! Can you imagine how cute their babies will be? LOL

  6. sisi says

    Genevieve is a beautiful woman amd jared is gorgeous!!!!

    Congrats to Jared and Genevieve! I wish you guys the best! Lovee..!!!

  7. BTL says

    Fantastic show!
    I always thought Dean was the hotter one but I have been drifting to Sam lately.

  8. OutInLeftField says

    Love the show, just love it. And I love Sammy, he’s my favorite Winchester. Congratulations to both of them.