Bruce Willis Hasn’t Ruled Out Expanding His Family

I guess this makes sense when you consider that Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming, is only 31 and doesn’t have any children (as far as I know). Bruce is open to the possibility of having more children, despite having three daughters (with ex-wife Demi Moore) who are 21 (Rumer), 18 (Scout LaRue), and 15 (Tallulah Belle).

“I wouldn’t be surprised. Anything is possible. I can’t predict the future but anything is possible. Being married to Emma feels great. I’m so happy with her and we try to spend every free minute together.”

When asked if he was worried about Rumer, who’s starting an acting career, falling victim to some of the pitfalls in Hollywood, Bruce said no.

“My children are so smart about Hollywood and understand it much more than I did when I was their age. They grew up in a small town until they were about 12 or 13 years old. So now that they live in Hollywood they see it for what it is. They see the illusion and they know what’s real and they know what’s not real.”

Good for them! So now we can start looking out for the pregnancy announcement from Bruce and Emma :)

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  1. smp209 says

    i forgot he got married again. i like that they’ve stayed out of the spotlight, unlike demi and ashton