Quote Of The Day: Jenny McCarthy On Dating Jesus

“I’m looking at a picture of Jesus on the wall. I would have totally dated Jesus. Love that beard. Too bad he’s dead.”

“OK, OK my friends. I know Jesus is not dead. I’m saying that the fact his body has ‘risen from the dead’ makes him un-datable.”

Jenny McCarthy tweeting about wanting to date Jesus

Photos by INF




  1. Scruffy says

    Personally I’m sick of religious people (and no offense to any religion) having no sense of humor and expecting us un-religious people to uphold to their beliefs. Sorry.

  2. Anonymous says

    im a muslim and i was offended by her comment. i dont think that religious figures should be talked about in this way. im sick of all the jokes about all religions. religions are sacred they shouldnt be taken so lightly.

  3. anon says

    If she had made a joke about any other religous figure, say someone from the muslin faith, people would be totally going crazy with anger. But because she is making fun of Christianity, no one has a problem with it…sad.

  4. Sammy1976 says

    I wonder in which tone and context she said it, whether she meant it ironic?
    However, it’s a weird quote, isn’t it?!