‘Jersey Shore’ Cast And MTV Strike A Deal

TMZ is reporting that MTV and the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast are finalizing deals for all of them to return for a second season. The cast reportedly was playing hardball in their negotiations for season two.

As we first reported, MTV gave The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D and the rest of the crew a deadline of today at the end of business, or else they’d all be replaced. We know the offer on the table was $10,000 per episode … we do not know the magic number that ended the stalemate.

UPDATE: We’ve learned Vinny accepted MTV’s $10,000 per episode offer. We’re told one of the terms the lawyers are hammering out is the number of appearances the cast can make outside the show. Cast members — especially Snooki, Pauly D and The Situation — want the right to appear at as many as four clubs and other venues a week … where they’ve been raking in good money in appearance fees.

They were being offered $10,000 per episode. If they film, say, 13 episodes, that’s $130,000. I know that’s not a lot compared to what trained actors make, but where else are these kids going to make that kind of money?

Six months off the air and no club will WANT to book them for appearances anymore.

Well, for the sake of their financial futures, I’m glad they were able to come to an agreement. Are you looking forward to a second season of ‘Jersey Shore’?

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  1. Gati says

    Please dont watch this show! If you support Jersey Shore you’re pretty much contributing to the downfall of quality TV!

  2. KissKiss says

    For the next season they should change things a bit. Like putting these people on a deserted island, so they can’t bother anyone but themselves. They should do a reality show mix-up and add Speidi and the Kardashians as well.

  3. Scruffy says

    “where else are these kids going to make that kind of money?” – God this world is soo back to front. Why do these idiots get paid so much to show their ugly and boring mugs on tv? Are people really interested in this bunch? I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

  4. CapturingLife says

    I hope they add a new member or two to shake things up a bit. 😉 Since I’m already out of the closet on liking this show: Yes, I’m looking forward to season two.

  5. Anonymous says

    Ok, i am italian and live in new jersey and thought that i had seen it all. however, snookie is really something else.

  6. Katie Bee says

    Ok, Snookie looks like an LP…how tall is she anyway?? And how old is “The Situation”? He might have a great body but in his face he looks at least 10 years older than the rest of the cast.

  7. Anonymous says

    umm, will the show still be called “the jersey shore?” the cast is supposedly moving out of the northeast. the whole premise is that they create a bizarre subculture (young italian-americans that live/work/party at the jersey shore). it’s a marriage of a certain type of person with a certain place. outside of jersey, the show just won’t work. lame.

  8. Kai says

    i’ve watched it a couple times and dont find it that interesting. i’m not looking forward to it. i’m also tired of these ppl getting press