Keri Russell Gets Lucky In March

Keri Russell posed for Lucky magazine’s March issue and talked about her style. She would describe her “old” style as urban western but nowadays, she’d say ’40’s Tomboy’.

“I’m into the sexy masculine thing. All the clean lines and tailoring are so classic,” says the actress. “I look for those details on dresses and skirts, too.”

She shares her favorite piece of luggage:

“My Filson rolling suitcase and matching tote make me feel like I’m going on safari when I pull them through the airport.”

Her favorite thing for pampering her skin:

“I live for Kiehl’s coriander body lotion.”

She also shared a few of her Spring “must have” items, which included a yellow 50’s-inspired bikini. Click here for her full list and where to buy them.

Did you catch Keri’s new movie “Extraordinary Measures” yet?




  1. merce369 says

    I’m sorry , but both photos don’t look anything like Kerri, it’s like yeh it’s Kerri, but not realy her. Ugggh, don’t know how to explain it.

  2. Gati says

    I agree! The lighting wasnt flattering at all. I was just thinking how it looks more like Christie brinkley than Keri. Keri is much younger loooking than that isnt she?

  3. Kai says

    love keri because i can’t disassociate her from felicity! and i agree with the poster above, the photos do look a bit … off

  4. Trinny says

    I’m glad she’s getting some press. She was one of my favorites from the Mickey Mouse Club. =)

  5. Nicole says

    Her head looks a little too turned on that cover… it looks like they just about photoshopped her neck away… goodness!

    I haven’t seen Extraordinary Measures yet – but I will! I love medical movies like that – Lorenzo’s Oil is one of my favorites!