Natalie Portman Was Nervous Kissing Mila Kunus In ‘Black Swan’

Natalie Portman was “terrified” when she had to kiss Mila Kunis in her new movie ‘Black Swan’. The same-sex scene in the thriller was hard to get through and the actress says she struggled to overcome her nerves.

“I was terrified. At the moment I lived in a state of inner terror.”

LOL! Totally understandable.

Natalie also admitted the role was something she couldn’t turn down.

“Nudity is something absolutely natural and I’m not prudish – but in a film it can be distracting. Doing ‘Black Swan’ I couldn’t say no. The project is a huge opportunity for me to show a new me. I can’t always play the nice mothers. My other problem is that single pictures are being taken out of context and put on the internet.”

Are you looking forward to watching this movie? I’m not so sure I’m going in for this one.




  1. gwa73 says

    I agree with DonnaJ. The only way she could be afraid of a lesbian kiss with Mila Kunis is if she had more than friendly feelings for the same sex that she was trying to ignore. Until I see the movie, I won’t believe the supposed sex scene between her and Mila was anything more than hype. It will probably be deleted or or cut down to a brief kiss right before it’s theaterical release. The only way we’ll see anything good or really good would be for deleted or alternate footage only seen on the DVD release.

  2. Anonymous says

    One minute she says she won’t ever do nudity again because it’s put on porn sites then she says she couldn’t turn it down, Convictions you might try getting some, if you feel something is wrong don’t do it for any reason.

  3. gwa73 says

    Well, apparently Hollywood disagrees with you because they will continue to use to the very end.