Guess Who Is Willing To Let His Kids Back On TV… For A Price?

Well… what do we have here? A defeated Jon Gosselin? It’s not so fun when everyone stops caring about what you do, right Jon? Looks like the reality dad is willing to let his kids start filmingJon and Kate Plus 8‘ again. All of a sudden it isn’t toxic for their lives.

Oh wait. One small thing. It’s nothing really. Just a teeny tiny request.

TLC has to DROP the lawsuit they have against Jon in order for him to allow it.

So, it never was about protecting the children because if that was the case, NOTHING would make him put the kids back on air. It was and always will be about Jon and what he can gain from the deal.

TLC probably will probably agree. But don’t expect that Ed Hardy lover to be back on the show.

You can be sure that if the kids come back to TLC it will be only with Kate, not with Jon. And there’s no guarantee that will happen either.”

I’ve said it before. I miss Kate’s kids on TV. I only started watching it last season when all this drama started. But there is something about watching those children together experiencing life. You fall in love instantly with each and every one of them. Will you watch the show if it returns minus Jon?

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  1. jransom94 says

    Jon sucks. I think he didn’t want them on TLC is because of what him and Kate were going through. He was selfish when he said he didn’t want them on TV, now you out the blue saying you want your kids back on TV. Jon better go ahead and buy his self a clue. And as for the question I will watch them, they are beautiful kids and me and my daugther enjoy watching them.

  2. Anonymous says

    No, I wouldn’t watch it if they were back on TV! Those kids need some privacy and a chance to grow up without cameras around, constantly. Nor will I watch Kate’s new show in development where she works odd jobs ( waiting tables is one) around the country. Boring!

  3. says

    Just as the article was not worth reading, any show with Kate G. is not worth watching. She’s the true publicity whore in the family. Her incessent whining about her bad situation is nauseating. She chose to have all those babies with no way to support them. So why the constant complaining about how hard life is? Her children appear to be spoiled brats in the making. Esp. the 2 oldest. Kate created all 8 of those monsters. The viewing public needs to grow a brain and read a book for a change. If you love other people’s children so much, become a foster parent and do some good in the world.

  4. Anonymous says

    i have watched this show since the first episode and i am so disgusted!! These people have changed completely and are nothing like they were when they started filming. Kates always been a bitch and now shes trying to seem all sweet and plays the victom to no end, and Jon used to be a great guy who loved his family and now he’s just a money hungry selfish media whore! Its really too bad becuase i love those kids!:(

  5. DonnaJ says

    I’ve never had any interest in this show…and I never will.

    As for Jon? Its not shocking at all and if I were the head of TLC I would never air another show about this family and would forge ahead with the lawsuit. That would punish that prick but good.

  6. audrey says

    I think that ship has sailed Jon. Attention spans being what they are today, your fan base has found someone new to devote all their attention and love on. You are stuck with fame w*ores and your bad decisions..and the smack of reality hitting you in the head.

  7. Linda123 says

    Show of hands of anybody shocked by Jon’s change in tune? The only reason Jon didn’t want the kids on the show was to hurt Kate and try to get his own show. Unfortunately it bit him in the butt.

  8. C. says

    NOPE! It never was about the kids in or out of the marriage or TV show. He’s as self-centered as they come. Now reality is dishing out a big ol’ plate of ‘You’re not all that.’ and he’s back pedaling.

  9. Goddess711 says

    I hope TLC laughs at him and throws some new litigation at him. He’s a piece of garbage. They’ll come up with something new that won’t involve him or his input; tell him t shove it, TLC!

  10. Anonymous says

    Someone needs to tell her not to wear heels with jeans all the time. She looks ridiculous.

  11. sweet kiddo says

    he should get a fucking real job and stop trying to be a celebrity just won’t work .his ship has sailed a while ago when he became a attention whore .