Jamie Lynn Spears Dating Older Man

According to Star magazine, Jamie Lynn Spears (18) has moved on from baby-daddy Casey Aldridge and found herself an older man. A friend close to her says Jamie Lynn is seeing a 28 year old “well-to-do” businessman named James Watson.

The source says:

They started dating last December, I don’t think James cares at all about who she is; they really seem to like each other.”

James owns his own company and lives near the family’s estate.

“He installs communications equipment and high-definition TVs for large corporations,” the source says. “James enjoys making money – and enjoys spending it too.”

Locals aren’t surprised about her break-up with Casey:

“Even when she was pregnant, she didn’t really see a future with him,” a friend tells Star. “She only gave the impression of staying with him so long because it looked better in the eyes of the public.”

Can you believe her little girl (Maddie) is almost 2 already?

Do you think 10 years is a big age difference in this situation?

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  1. Putanga says

    My hubby was 28 and i was 19 when we married. I was a mature 19 year old and had zero tolerance of immature boys my age. they were simply shallow/ irritating/ boring etc..

  2. smp209 says

    wow i forgot about her! she’s done a good job of keeping her kid out of the media, good for her

  3. kristinmichelle2 says

    I don’t think the age difference is a big deal. When I was 19 I dated a guy who was 30. If you want the truth, I was more mature than he was when it came to the relationship. An older man is going to understand she’s a mother, and can’t just do whatever and go wherever. As long as she’s happy then it shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. Ariel says

    James enjoys making money — and enjoys spending it too.

    What a crass thing to say.

  5. Anonymous says

    actually I have to give her credit. she didn’t pared her child around for money and quietly stayed in her hometown and raised her .. not bad

  6. jason says

    falling in her sis foot steps probably end up a piss poor mother just like her sis and here i thought she would of turned out better maybe she is trying to compete with her sis. her sister nick name was creamy peanut butter cause she spreads easy so why not the little sis have the same nick name she trash just like her sister is
    but least she didnt go crazy like her sis did well not yet any ways i give her a year she will get all knock up again peace

  7. anonymous says

    her sis has the nick name peanut butter why not jamie have the same nice name they both spread easy by the sounds of it

  8. bgduckie_01 says

    i think age doesn’t matter as long as they both love each other and make each other happy.

  9. DonnaJ says

    “I don’t think James cares at all about who she is” Who is she, besides someone that got knocked up at 16? Like she’s made some great contribution to mankind. LOL!

    Besides, that man is looking to get him some 18 year old kush, period.

  10. Ariel says

    She’s Britney Spears’ little sister. Some people would get all star struck over that, or the fact that Jamie Lynn used to have a show.

  11. KissKiss says

    Due to the circumstances, she’s a lot more mature than most girls her age. So the age difference doesn’t seem too shocking. Plus, are there any boys her age, who want to date a girl with a 2-year old daughter?

  12. LirvaEngival09 says

    she looks much older than Britney at the same age…
    but to answer the question, no i don’t think the age diff matters,
    after all he’s not old enough to be her father

  13. Angelstarx1 says

    My sister and her husband got married when she was 18 and he was 27. Some 18 year olds are more mature than others.

  14. Ariel says

    And they’re laughing all the way to the bank just like y – well, no, not like you at all. HA HA.

  15. YAYI says

    I think that would be her business of who she wants to date. I understand that she still a teen, but she’s a mom not a little girl anymore. People need to lighten up a bit. It’s not like the guy is 58.

  16. Anonymous says

    age of older person/2 + 7 = minimal age of the younger person without being creepy.

    28/2+7= 21


  17. Ariel says

    I think the entertainment industry makes kids grow up faster. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was closer to him as far as emotional maturity – or at least closer than the average 18-year-old.

  18. YAYI says

    Girl please, she is far from being a kid. This is a young girl that happen to go thru an early pregnancy and had to become a woman before she got to completely enjoy her youth, but to be honest for being so young she’s done a hell of a job staying out of the media and all of the la la land drama. My guess is her sister was a huge lesson for her on what staying on the public eye can do to you. She’s been taking care of her daughter and herself which shows that shes mature enough to date whomever is willing to show her some respect even if is an older man, which in my opinion is not all that old.

  19. sweet kiddo says

    you have a point there ,although I stick to my guns, most 18 year old girls don’t like guys their age ..lack of maturity from them is something they can’t stand , so I get that she like someone older but I guess that because my daughter watches her show kind of often makes me still see her as a 14 year old kid .

  20. sweet kiddo says

    I’m not saying that Jamie Lynn lacks maturity at all .I know for a fact that having a kid at a very young age ages you mentaly very quickly but still , if my kid was 18 and she would bring back a guy 10 years older than her I’d be watching him like a hawk . I’d be suspiscious of his intentions ..

    I know a man who’s 37 and chases after girls who are around that age and you know why ? yeah, you must know why… firm boobs and a small tight ass … Sure there’s a big difference between 28 and 37 but you’ll hopefully get my point :)

  21. mesuckka says

    i think ur jealous…what is ur major contribution to society? dont hate…..if the 28 dont stick it someone else will.