Jessica Alba Tells Daughter To NOT Eat Her Vegetables

Jessica Alba tells her daughter not to eat vegetables. It’s not because she has anything against them. It’s because that’s the only way Honor Marie will put them in her mouth!! LOL!

She likes to do everything her way. She loves saying “no”, it’s her favorite word. Now, she won’t eat unless I tell her not to eat. I have to use reverse psychology. I’m like, ‘Don’t eat your vegetables!’ And she looks at me and, in defiance, eats her broccoli.

Jessica, 28, decided to call her daughter Honor after a friend expressed a liking for the name if she ever had more children. She explained on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly':

I told my girlfriend that I was pregnant early on, and she was like, I’m not having any more kids but if I was going to have one, I would name her Honor. It was just random and it stuck with us. We liked it.

I hope that friend doesn’t change her mind about adding to her family. :)




  1. KissKiss says

    I love her necklace!

    Kids and vegetables… Although I never refused to eat them. As a little girl I would eat carrots and selery sticks as a snack, I still do.

  2. andy_p says

    thats why i dont share the names i’ve picked my kids (when I have them) so i dont have a “friend”, relative, or anyone else take the name. its not a compliment to take a name that took someone a considerable amount of time to pick, to have someone else come and snatch it because they like it too. I dont share names…. i let them do their homework, if they want a kid spend the time finding out the name you want to name him/her.

  3. lara jane says

    Exactly. I had a friend “steal” the name I’d talked about since I was twelve. It was explicitly “mine” because it was to honor my father (who died when I was an infant) and my step-dad (who raised me from age 3). Talk about a low blow.

  4. says

    Ha! I have to turn my back on my son when I want him to eat anything. If I seem too interested in him eating, he won’t do it.

  5. andy_p says

    that sucks!! cant imagine how crushed you must have been. some people would say its just a name but hey if it took time and sentiment to pick a name, people specially friends should respect that!!. I have seen this happen to couple of my close friends so now everytime the topic comes up about names, i always stay quiet and say i have no idea what to name my kids, i let them do all the talking. little do they know i have all figure out :)