Julia Roberts And Emma Roberts Say Being Blonde Is More Fun

Access Hollywood chatted last night with Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts and Shirley MacLaine at the premiere of ‘Valentine’s Day’. The trio talked about hair color and their plans for Valentine’s Day.

Emma recently lightened her hair and is enjoying it.

“I do love the blonde hair,” “Yeah, I get checked out by boys more with the blonde hair,” she laughed.

She then turned to Aunt Julia to ask her thoughts on it.

“You’ve had brown and blonde hair…. Don’t you get checked out more with the blonde hair?” Emma asked.

Julia’s response:

“I don’t get checked out, Emma,” Julia smiled, turning to Shaun. “So sweet. Isn’t [she] sweet?”

Emma then asked Shirley if she got more attention with blonde hair:

“I have not known the color of my hair for about 50 years,” Shirley chuckled.

The ladies shared their plans for Valentine’s:

“I’m just gonna stick out with the answer which is making out with my husband,” Julia said, referring to her man Danny Moder. “A 24-hour kiss fest.”

Emma plans to do the same:

“I’ll be making out with my boyfriend,”

Shirley revealed her plans weren’t frisky in quite the same way:

I’m a grandmother so… my stock answer is my dog. I’m going to be with my dog,” she laughed.

I think this movie will be the first time that Emma and Julia will appear in the same movie. Well, if you don’t count her “uncredited” appearance in ‘America’s Sweethearts’.

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  1. supia says

    is it wierd that i think its wierd that an aunt and niece are talking about “making out” with their others with each other?

  2. Goddess711 says

    Was Julia Roberts always such an unfunny betch or is this just since she succeeded and nailing a (married) guy & breeding? Sounds like the young kid is going to be the town bike like her aunt.
    Shirley Maclaine rocks!

  3. bgduckie_01 says

    emma is a pretty girl. must be nice to have an aunt like julia roberts. emma was on jay leno last night and she seemed like a pretty nice girl.

  4. Anon says

    Can’t blame you… ;o) I skip anything she is in. She’s always the same in every role. In interviews, she gives the impression she believes anything she does is special, like going to the bathroom for example… Still, nice she is supportive of her niece…

  5. Anonymous says

    Julia does seem like she might be a cool aunt. She sucks as an actress though (had to put that in there – can’t stand that woman).