Larry Birkhead Spends Valentine’s Day With Dannielynn

Larry Birkhead celebrated Valentine’s Day with the love of his life – his daughter Dannielynn!! The pair were seen at the farmers market in Los Angeles taking advantage of some of the fun things that were set up for the crowd.

Check out Dannielynn getting her face painted. So sweet. Oh Anna Nicole... it’s so sad to think of all the things she’s missing out on.

Photos by INF




  1. switchstance5 says

    Whenever Is ee pictures of him with his daughter I’m SO happy that he was the guy to be the parent of Dannielynn and not Howard – he wouldn’t have been a good father.

  2. lovebug66 says

    Larry appears to be a good daddy. Dannielynn
    s mannerisms in the 4th thumbnail remind me of mom, Anna Nicole. :)

  3. Anonymous says

    She’s a beauty.
    I’d like Larry infinitely more if he didn’t exploit her like it was his job. Oh wait…

  4. Kai says

    She’s such a cute little girl! I also feel a little sad when I see her, but thankfully it seems like she’s in good hands with her father.

  5. Anonymous says

    I don’t feel sad for Dannielynn at at. It’s sad that Anna died, but if she had raised Dannielynn, the poor girl would have grown up in a drug-infested home life with a mentally confused mother. She would never have done these fun kid things. I think Dannielynn is lucky to grow up with such a devoted father who doesn’t use drugs, party all night, etc.

  6. KissKiss says

    I always feel a little sad when I see Dannielynn. So I’m very glad Birkhead isn’t whoring her out like I thought he would.

  7. Ariel says

    For some reason, I never had the feeling that he’d use her to drum up a media circus.

    I do agree that I feel sad whenever I see this little girl.

  8. OutInLeftField says

    I don’t feel sad at all. I feel happy because he is actually giving this little girl the life she deserves. He isn’t using her for publicity and he seems to love and adore her. It makes me happy.

  9. JenSmith says

    I feel sad but does anyone else also feel relieved in a way that at least her father is taking care of her? I hate to think what care she might be given if she were left to the care of Anna Nicole and that Howard creep…

  10. Schnucki says

    What a beutyful little girl!
    I really hope that he will protect her from this crazy show-world. It will be hard enough for her to understand what happend to her mother when she will become older… I already feel sorry for her.
    What gives me some sorrows is that he´s going to this farmer’s market, isn’t that a place VIPs typically visit when they want to have some paparazzi pics? Isn’t that place shown quite often here?

  11. katgib13 says

    Maybe, but isn’t there paparazzi at Disney, too? He can’t worry about being photographed or he’d never get to do anything fun with her. I’m just glad that he keeps her somewhat sheltered. He feeds just enough to the press to keep them happy but not enough that it would be considered pimping her I think he seems to be doing a great job of raising her. And she really is beautiful.