Minnie Driver Talks About Her Favorite Hobbies

Minnie Driver says surfing and yoga are absolute necessities.

The British actress lives in Florida and says she can’t get by without her surfboard or the Indian meditative practice – though since becoming mother to Henry, 17 months, she’s had less opportunity to ride the waves.

“My church is surfing and yoga. If I can get in a surf or practice yoga then I will. Yoga’s great for when you’ve got a full brain and can’t stop the mind chatter.

Surfing is an utter, necessary part of my life, though I’m less obsessive than I used to be. I used to be up at 4.30am in my car, driving, trying to see where there was a break and what was going on.”

Minnie also told how she likes to take her young son to the beach, and that they learn about the sea life they find there together.

“If the tide’s out we’ll look at the anemones and the starfish and the crabs. Somebody told me that if you hum next to a hermit crab, it brings it out – and it works.

“Henry goes up and hums at any shell he sees now, because he thinks there’s going to be a crab in it.”

Does the word “anemones” remind anyone else immediately of the movie, ‘Finding Nemo’? :)

Photos by WENN.com




  1. merce369 says

    Henry goes up and hums at any shell he sees now, because he thinks there’s going to be a crab in it

    So cute!:-)

    Never new she loves surfing.

    I’m the sort of person who likes to exercise along and at home, anyone tried yoga DVDs? I want to try yoga badly, but not sure which DVD is best to start of with

  2. Ariel says

    I don’t care for yoga DVDs. I think it’s hard to do the postures correctly if you’ve never done yoga in a studio, and that they’re not at all challenging even if you do know what you’re doing.

    If you can find a Hatha studio in your area, that would be an awesome place to start. It’s the gentlest that I’ve tried.

  3. KissKiss says

    Something tells me this kid will grow up knowing that milk comes from a cow. Thumbs up!

  4. smp209 says

    what a cute lil boy!!

    and yes vera, every time i hear “anemone” i immediately start quoting nemo! in an anemone-ne…an anem…an anemonene! haha so cut