Jessica Simpson Hasn’t Learned Anything From Her Past Relationships

Jessica Simpson gave what sounds like a refreshingly candid interview with Allure. (It was before quotes from John Mayer’s Playboy interview came out, though, so that isn’t addressed.) Jessica was asked what she’s learned from her high-profile relationships with Nick Lachey, John, and Tony Romo, and here’s her response:

nothing,” she admits with a laugh.

Well, at least she was honest- LOL. Jessica says “none” of her break-ups have been “bitter” and admits she still roots for Tony. But there’s one thing she wants to make clear about her time with John.

“He didn’t make me go brunette,” she says of her dark ‘do in 2006 and 2007. “John doesn’t get credit for making me brunette. He’d like to think so, but he doesn’t deserve the credit.”

As for her next husband?

[S]he predicts that her next husband will be “an artistic man…It will show you the colors of my character, the person that I fall in love with next. I don’t even have a type! I don’t have a physical type. I have an emotional type.”

When asked about rumored boyfriend Billy Corgan, Jessica said she was “on her own.”

She also touched on the criticism she’s received for her weight and the infamous “Mom” jeans.

“I would not wish on my worst enemy what I went through.

“When I walk through an airport and people go, ‘You’re not fat!’ I’m like, ‘Thanks. That’s great. Good to know I’m not fat today! Thank you!'”

While filming her new VH1 reality show, ‘Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty,’ Jessica truly came to realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

“When I think of America, it’s very diverse, but we do have the cookie-cutter way we’re supposed to look, and going to all these countries, it’s so completely different. I was fascinated going on that journey to discover that, even just for myself.”

Jessica also declared America’s obsession with weight “disgusting.” I do think our concern with weight goes far beyond being healthy in this country. What do you think?

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  1. meme says

    she’s a naturally beautiful woman who has lousy taste in men. people calling her fat are ridiculous.

  2. jon says

    I do respect the face that she won’t take off her clothes for money, there should be more women like her, but let’s face it that’s why they call them hollywood whores.

  3. Anonymous says

    Of course Americans are obsessed with weight – we have a nation of fat people. Although I never thought Jessica Simpson was fat.

  4. Anonymous says

    Jessica HAS taken her clothes off for money, what do you think all of her racy photoshoots were?