Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About Her Sex Life

Oh boy! Here’s another Eva Longoria for ya. TMI.

Kendra Wilkinson says she has sex when her baby sleeps.

The former Playboy model – who has a two-month old son Hank Randall Baskett IV with husband Hank Baskett – has revealed she takes every opportunity she can to get frisky.

“When the baby sleeps, we have sex! That’s what it is for us. That’s why it’s so cool to be young parents because we have the energy to do that.”

The couple also made the most of some time alone in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day. Kendra, 24, added:

“He surprised me with ten dozen roses in our hotel room, and I surprised him with sex!”

Do you see a trend?

While in Las Vegas, the blonde beauty also made an in-store appearance to promote her range of stripper poles and admits she is thrilled by the popularity of the range among women of all ages and personalities. She told website E! Online:

“The best thing about it is seeing all types of women on my pole. There was like a 65-year-old woman who was taking a class on my stripper pole. There were these girls who played soccer, like athletes. That’s what I like to see on my pole.”

Ok. Let’s move on.




  1. Scruffy says

    Point 1: does anyone give a shite about celebs sex lifes? No.
    Point 2: It is not HER stripper pole, she didn’t invent the damnd thing
    Point 3: WTF is up with all these ‘celeb’s holding that overpriced stupid lollipop in publicity photos….
    Lame all around. (And I actually LIKE this girl!)

  2. Manimal says

    She didn’t really give any information. Except that, surprise! They have sex together! Nothing wrong with that.

  3. KissKiss says

    EVenthough I don’t wanna know anything about her sex life, I do start to like her… I’m confused.

  4. Ariel says

    Obviously it makes you care enough to comment. Stop that, and maybe these kinds of posts will cease.

  5. audrey says

    Is there any chance of ‘reality show’ stars disappearing in a mysterious vapor any time soon? I know that genre of tv show is really popular with some of your readers but man I am really sick of these stupid bimbos who think that everything they say is proof that they are real stars. I know with the Olympics going on, and Sweeps month seems to be non existent, but aren’t there some you know really talented, famous actors, actresses or even singers (not Beyonce or Britney) that we could read about?

  6. OutInLeftField says

    She surprised him with sex? So what, her giving him sex is a surprise, as in, “Surprise, you’re getting laid today. Mark it down on the calendar cause it won’t happen again for a long time.” That type of surprise?

  7. momster says

    That was my first thought… especially after her going on about how they do it whenever the baby is asleep. Great surprise. I’m so glad I actually read this and took the time to post on it.

  8. Anonymous says

    I’m with Audrey on this. Lets start a petition to end the whole “reality tv” thing. enough with these fame whores.

  9. switchstance5 says

    They are such a cute couple though! I’m glad Kendra found someone who loves JUST her (not Hef)