Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Says He Wants Her In Rehab

Today there was a routine probation hearing for Lindsay Lohan and the judge said “everything looks good”. She didn’t have to appear at today’s hearing nor does she need to attend the next one set for May. The judge feels that Lindsay is compliant with the terms of her probation, but Michael Lohan disagrees completely.

Michael went straight to Radar Online today to make a public plea.

“I’ve been trying to get in touch with the judge for months now,” Michael told Radar Online. “As of the last court date, when I saw the way Lindsay walked into court, the way she looked and conducted herself, I knew there was something wrong, terribly wrong. It’s my opinion that Lindsay should not have been let out of the courtroom, she should have been tested, and if she was dirty, not put in jail but put into a rehab.”

He believes the “pictures” are telling:

“My daughter needs rehab for at least three months,” Michael told Radar Online. “Come on… let’s face it, there are pictures of her out there – you reported it, others have reported it… of her drinking and taking pills in public. If you’re on probation, is that what the system approves of?”

That part really intrigues me – he’s saying that we should believe she needs help based on rumors and pap photos? Hmmmm….

He then shares a private message to Lindsay:

“It really p****s me off that when you have trouble or when you’re in St. Barth’s and you have nowhere to turn to and you tell me everything is going awry and your sister is missing…I’m up 6 hours in the night trying to hire a jet to pick you up and take you home…and then you flip the script on me,”

“Whenever you need me, you call me. Whenever you have a problem, I’m there for you. You can’t backstab people. You can’t turn your back on the people that love you and want to help you.”

“This is about you getting well, you getting healthy, me loving you and wanting you to do the right thing. The prescription drugs are killing you.”

Do you think she really has a problem? Or do you think Michael is just addicted to the attention he gets because of Lindsay?

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  1. katgib13 says

    Where was Daddy Dearest when Lindsey was growing up? Why wasn’t he leading her down the right path then? When it would have been more effective? And why isn’t he focusing on Allie who is headed in the same direction as her big sis.

  2. coco de mer afrodisiac says

    LiLo’s father would do better to butt outa her life. Her mental problems are the result of her parents.

    They fuck you up, your mom and dad,
    They may not mean to, but they do.
    They give you all the faults they have
    And make some special just for you.

    Kid’s got lousy parents, no wonder she’s so screwed.