Chris Pine Grabs Coffee In Los Angeles

Chris Pine was seen grabbing an iced coffee in Los Angeles wearing sweat pants and clog slippers. Looks like he really needed his early morning caffeine fix!

In case you were wondering what the actor was up to – it looks like he is currently the front runner for Captain America. This boy sure knows how to get into the major blockbusters, doesn’t he?! Leaping from Star Trek to Captain America most certainly won’t be considered a step down.

Do you ever make your coffee run in pajamas?

Photos by INF




  1. Ariel says

    I can totally picture him as Captain America.

    The only time I pick up stuff in my jammies is when I go through a drive thru.

  2. OutInLeftField says

    Chris Pine can come to my house in his pajamas and I’ll serve him coffee in my pajamas.

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