Morgan Freeman’s Left Hand Is Paralyzed

Morgan Freeman’s hand has been left paralyzed.

The ‘Invictus’ actor was involved in a car crash in August 2008 and revealed his left hand has never fully recovered, leaving him unable to move it. Speaking at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Invictus’, 72-year-old Morgan said:

“I suffered nerve damage and it hasn’t gotten better. I can’t move it. If you don’t move your hand, it will swell up. Do you know you move your hand about a million times a day?”

The Oscar-winning star was taken to hospital after he suffered a broken arm, broken elbow and damage to his shoulder after the accident. The car went off the shoulder of the road and flipped over “several times”, according to one onlooker.

Morgan was removed from the car wreck using the ‘jaws of life’, a hydraulic rescue tool, and was airlifted to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

I was wondering why he wore the glove to Warner Brothers ‘An Evening with Clint Eastwood’ on the 17th. I had no idea the hand would swell if not used.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yea because all the blood and fluids just build up due to gravity. He needs to keep it elevated as much as possible. But isn’t this the guy who wants to marry his step granddadughter? Maybe God is trying to send a message.

  2. KissKiss says

    Wow in that case, it’s probably better to lose a hand instead of not being able to use it. I hope the man is right-handed. And because he’s one of my favourite actors, I hope he will go on and make tons of movies.

  3. Jenny7835 says

    Yes, ouch. But wasn’t the car crash a result of driving while drunk and with one of his mistresses, which directly or indirectly lead to his wife filing for divorce, which followed by that hideous story of a relationship with his step grand-daughter??