Hot New Couple Alert: Ryan Gosling And Michelle Williams

I thought Ryan Gosling seemed very interested in his ‘Blue Valentine’ co-star, Michelle Williams, during this interview, but hey, he could’ve just been being supportive. Now, “a source” is claiming to OK! magazine that the two are seeing each other.

They’re dating,” a source confirms to OK!.

The once Oscar nominees, both 29, “respect their private lives and don’t want to go public,” the source says. “But they’ve been seeing each other for a few months.”

As you can read from the quote above, this source has made their story “unverifiable” because they supposedly don’t want to go public., so take this whole story with a grain of salt.

And these pictures are NOT candids: Ryan and Michelle were shooting a scene for their movie, ‘Blue Valentine,’ where they play husband and wife.

However, IF they were dating, I think they’d make a cute couple, don’t you?

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  1. Circus says

    IDK, But I’m just not feeling this story about Ryan and Michelle. It sounds odd and I prefer them as friends I think.

  2. Anonymous says

    what!? For me heath ledger and michelle williams were a great couple and
    ryan gosling and rachel mcadams.

  3. Anonymous says

    There was one interview for Blue Valentine where she was speaking and he reached over and gently picked a hair or something off her shirt. When he did that I wondered if something was going on. I think they would be great together.

  4. dyinggiraffe says

    why does everyone want him to be with rachel mcadams so bad? just because they were in the notebook doesn’t mean they should die in a nursing home together irl. but maybe that’s the jealousy in me of any girl who dates ryan gosling…

  5. Anonymous Heath Fan says

    For me Heath’s soul mate was Naomi Watts, but he was too young to realise. It’s no coincidence he dumped Michelle and started dating Gemma Ward, because she reminded him of Naomi, her fun Aussie kooky ways. With Gemma and Naomi, Heath could relax and they would mix well with his friends, and he with theirs, but with Michelle, no way Jose.

    I really do think Michelle tried to trap Heath via the baby, and Heath knew it and therefore, although he tried for the kid’s sake, it was just never going to work for him because Heath needed to RESPECT the woman he was with, and how can you respect her if she LIED to you and tried to deceive you? Because she obviously knew deep down inside that he was just about to dump her and she thought that maybe if they had a baby he would love her more. Turns out she was obviously wrong. Terry Gilliam and Nicola Peccorini said in a Vanity Fair interview that Heath soon after Matilda’s birth realised that the couple had nothing in common and that their relationship actually mirrored the one of Alma and Ennis del Mar from Brokeback Mountain, her all miserable and angry at home, while he was out with his friends to avoid being home her. They also said that they never hanged out together, his friends and her friends didn’t mingle together. More importantly, they said that Heath had been really worried that he was going to lose custody of Matailda, but Michelle kept making things more and more difficult, getting her lawyers involved, and that STRESS contributing to at least some those pills he was taking. IMO she is HATEFUL and I can’t believe she even DARES to pretend he is his widow or something. What an incredible cheek she has.

    As for Michelle and Ryan Gosling, surely he can do better than that, no?

    • Youre no Heath fan you troll says

      MICHELLE DUMPED HIM!!!!!!!!!
      and Heath was heartbroken and depressed all his friends said so,the custody stuff is all tabloids you moron

  6. Jeanne81 says

    Wow…someone needs to get a life, don’t they? Seems kind of pathetic for you to have such strong feelings about someone you don’t even know personally. I’m sure Heath would be really proud that you are insulting the mother of his child.

  7. say what?? says

    IDK, but I’m just not feeling this story about Ryan and Michelle.
    It sounds odd and I prefer them better as friends, imo.

  8. says

    Yeah Ryan and Rachel were cute, but they were always together and then breaking up and then getting back together. It probably wasn’t the best relationship for either of them. Maybe this is good, for them to both see different people.

  9. Anonymous says

    Great news. I miss Rachel and him 2, but she needs someone after what she has been thru

    this seems like a great fit!

  10. SamDee says

    They seem more like really good buddies.

    It’s getting a little annoying too that he is always linked to co-stars.