Robert Pattinson Admits He Is Dating Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson has confirmed he is dating Kristen Stewart. The actor has previously been very guarded about his love life but admitted at the BAFTA Awards after-party on Sunday night he and Kristen are an item.

“It is extremely difficult but we are together, yes. We can’t arrive at the same time because of the fans, it goes crazy. This was supposed to be a public appearance as a couple but it’s impossible. We are here together and it’s a public event but it’s not easy. We have to do all this stuff to avoid attention.”

We’ve known this little secret for a couple of months now. It’s nice to get a hard confirm though. Happy these two are at a point where they can publicly talk about their relationship.

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  1. Anonymous says

    guess, about time. well, congratulations for them and hopefully everything works out good. and the paparazi will not haunting and hounding them again, it’s time back to work. great step rob.

  2. Anonymous says

    they have been seeing each other for ages but they werent aloud to say anything because then everyone will go on like they are on this
    why dont people just leave them alone and that
    you wouldnt like people in your relationship.
    i think there really good together 😀

  3. Anonymous says

    Weeeell…if it’s true then I’m realy happy for them but since I’m more then sceptical some photos would be great…possibly made by someone working in some hotel while they’re having sex 😀

  4. Anonymous says

    Well i am surprised i thought he was gay, must be true though as he’s not denying it .

  5. Anonymous says

    at first i couldn’t believe it and i thought that it was again a rumor from magazines…but i just read 5 articles that have the same robert’s interview and they say the same things!!!!!!!!!!!!!soooooo i think that robert admitted it,at last…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROBSTEN FOREVER

  6. Anonymous says

    i agree with you…’re RIGHT…..i don’t know what to believe…i’m still really hesitant…..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. LJE says

    I still do not believe it and I won’t until I actually hear it come out of BOTH their mouths. What is sad is that they have so many people rooting for them, it will be a huge let down when/if it all comes out that this is a publicity stunt.

  8. Anonymous says

    Apparently, Oprah asked pre-show and they both admitted that they are 100% together….you can view it on her page. Personally, I’m happy for them though I’ve thought they’ve been together for some time now. I find it commendable that they kept it quite all this time, afterall, It’s nobody’s business if they are or aren’t and I think they compliment each other. As for KS, I think she’s very pretty, not your typical made-up celebrity and her prettiest feature are her eyes.

  9. robsgirl71 says

    i think that though they may be great together, she didnt even know him before he was in the saga. i think she is playong him and that all she wants is a little attention. i thik we may have a new brittany here

  10. CapturingLife says

    Maybe the media will stop trying to get that “money shot” of them together now. While it sucks that they have to put their personal lives out there, hopefully it will help to curb the curiosity.

  11. suffy_78 says

    Maybe if they admitted they were a couple earlier on they would have spared themselves the trouble of having the papz breathing down their necks the whole time.

  12. Cal says

    THe source is the worst English tabloid The Sun. They make up such interviews.

    There’s no way that any actor would willingly talk with them.

  13. ashmeljer says

    aww, i hope its true. my daughter is home sick from school and Twilight is on right now…….

  14. MikeC.... says

    She is not a great beauty but her face is one you don’t soon forget, which is a rare thing these days. As they say—there is just something about her…

  15. Putanga says

    I disagree… I think she looks very ordinary and forgettable. When all this twilight frenzy began i was shocked that i had seen alot of movies she was in because i completely forgot about her once the movie was over.

  16. Ariel says

    Poor dude must have thought he needed to clarify, since that line in “Details” had some wondering if he’s gay.