Blake Lively And Billy Baldwin Work On ‘Gossip Girl’

Blake Lively and Billy Baldwin were spotted out on the streets of New York City, shooting a scene for ‘Gossip Girl.’ Billy is going to play Blake’s father on the show.

I am LOVING Blake’s wrap, even if it seems entirely too short for the weather. Tights alone aren’t enough against these winds! (And I bet Blake agrees with me :)

What do you think of Billy’s casting for the show?

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  1. Goddess711 says

    I wonder if Ben Affleck is jealous? Isn’t this one married to Chyna Phillips who is away in Rehab?

  2. KissKiss says

    Isn’t he the only sane Baldwin? I’ve never watched Gossip Girl, but I’m glad the man has a job.

  3. AnotherDirtyMartini says

    I think Billy is probably irked that he is cast as her father and not her boyfriend.

    KissKiss, Billy is married to Chynna Phillips who just “went to rehab for anxiety”.

  4. Jenny7835 says

    Isn’t she the one that always walks around pantless or with really short shorts in the dead of winter. This probably feels natural to her.

  5. audrey says

    I think Billy may have issues too, but with brothers like Alec, Daniel and Stephen who the heck would notice? Yeah it is good to see that he got a job. There was a lot of buzz around him after BackDraft and then–nothing.

  6. Anonymous says

    That’s kind of a spoiler…saying that Serena’s dad is coming back. You shouldn’t really put that on the main page.

  7. AlexisB says

    I agree with Gddess11 i bet he is very jealous! I think so but watever Gossipgirl is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!