Jennifer Lopez Hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’

Poor Jennifer Lopez. She agreed to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ because she was supposed to have an album to promote and the release of her latest movie, ‘The Back Up Plan.’

Then she and her music company parted ways, so no album, and the release date for ‘The Back Up Plan’ got pushed back, but she’d agreed to host SNL already, so she had to go on.

How do you think she did? Here are some clips.

Rather than do a monologue, Jennifer did a “cold open” with a parady of the ‘We Are The World’ remake:

This is how Olympic coverage may look on Telemundo:

You can check out some more clips here. I thought Jennifer was pretty funny: what did you think?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I thought it was hysterical! The whole show but I give credit to SNL 7 their writers for that.

    J-low’s new music is awful. I don’t blame Sony for dropping her big azz.

    We all know that she’s always been overrated and well .. just lucky! that she made it this far.

  2. Anonymous says

    Jennifer Lopez was not making fun of Rhianna’s singing, she was just imatiating her in a very funny skit about the very awful We are the World remake.

  3. Anonymous says

    Yeah, she sucked pretty hard at singing. Yuck. She has a great butt and hair and that’s about it.

  4. DaleJuniorAmp88 says

    “We are the World” is a song that’s spreading a message of love, and is supposed to inspire people. Yet, they decides to go ahead and partake in something that negatively affects it. In that one moment they made it a joke, and it is not a funny one either.

  5. Anonymous says

    “In that one moment they made it a joke”

    To be fair, People have been making fun of version #2 ever since it came out. My issue with the skit is that it went on too long. The guy who was playing Quincy Jones should’ve stopped it early and made a joke out of THAT.

  6. Sonja says

    She was also a musical guest and sung two songs. I can understand why you didn’t mention that.

  7. Anonymous says

    DaleJunior, relax it is a show that makes fun of everyone and everything and there were parts of it that were funny, so get over yourself. Onto J-LO. She still looked pretty hot, especially after ten years and two kids and living with Marc Anthony(puke). She has always been a better actress than singer because her vocals really aren’t that great out of the studio, though she did do Selena pretty darn good! They should have had her act and host, but had a different musical guest. There are a few skits that are hilarious on SNL, but they really need to do an overhaul on the show and maybe start getting musical guests that are on the rise to start promoting good music. Musicians need to sound good in AND out of the studio and Americans need to start demanding quality music from the industry so these wannabees will stop getting a break because they have one or two hits and look good on camera! “I don’t wanna be an American Idiot!”

  8. DaleJuniorAmp88 says

    What ‘get over myself’? I didn’t like it, and I know what SNL is about… doesn’t mean I find it all that amusing. Normally, I’m rolling watching these skits. This one, just struck a nerve with me.

  9. says

    I loved this skit! It was funny and well thought out. Jennifer Lopez is a great performer that can’t be denied. Whether her album or film are not being released yet, I’m glad she hosted the show. Well done!

  10. Vedder says

    LMAO—It is obvious they will not invite her back—I will be the first to DENY that she sucks as a performer. Time to go away…

  11. audrey says

    SNL makes fun of everything. You either get it or you don’t. I think the skit was reflective of how badly the second version was received by the general public, and had nothing to do with lessening the need for help in Haiti.

  12. audrey says

    I will give her this–she sung live, and she was pretty funny in the Telemundo skit. Over all she was far from being the worst guest host on the show.

  13. Anonymous says

    Although WATW 2 sucked, Jennifer Lopez is the last person who should be mocking bad singing. Didn’t she just get dropped from her label?

  14. Anonymous says

    I hope next show the mocking should be about how bad and patethic jlo is. she should go home and accept with dignity thather career is over. jlo go home and take care of your kids, please!