JWoWW Hosts Her Birthday Party At The Palms In Vegas

JWoWW (aka Jenni Farley) from ‘Jersey Shore’ hosted her birthday party at Moon Nightclub at The Palms Resort Casino. What do you think about her revealing outfit? She certainly wants to bring our attention to a particular area of her body!

Oddly enough, her cast mates did not join her. The group remained in NY.

During the festivities, Jennie changed her outfit and accessorized with a hot pink boa and tiara.

Photos by WENN.com




  1. Anonymous says

    I don’t follow Jersey Shore so the title of this post meant nothing to me. When I saw the picture, I though Rachel Ray was trying out a new look. :)

  2. AnotherDirtyMartini says

    Those implants are hideous. The surgeon stuck them up wayyyy too high on her chest. I bet she looked MUCH better before she got them. Idiot.

  3. FluffydaRabbit says

    It’s too bad Nip Tuck is almost over. She would have been great in an episode about horrible breast implants. I now have a hard time deciding if she or Tori Spelling hold the record for the most hideous breast augmentation.

  4. Rhino64 says

    Why are folks hating on her pantyhose? I think her legs look fantastic with those glossy hose on them!! Go JWoWW!!

    • John says

      Absolutely!!! The problem is women in this country hate on anything that involves pantyhose. They hide flaws and enhance the leg. Women in every other country around the world wear them. Men notice them every time. It gets you noticed by every man.

  5. Rhino64 says

    Why are folks hating on her wearing pantyhose? I think her legs look fantastic in those glossy hose! Go JWoWW!!

  6. Anonymous says

    I think these might be worst implants I’ve ever seen. If I had those I’d be hiding them, not showing them off.

  7. mileycyrustamed says

    Who cares if canada won gold? And wat u said is jus so disrespectful. And ur a coward that’s why your name is anonymous wow. Scared much? And yes I do lik miley cyrus got a problem?

  8. miley cyrus tamed says

    Yea I agree wy ppl hatn on her wearin panty hose? What’s it 2 ya? Its so stupid that someone spends half their time hatin on someone. Wat do u do wit the rest of yo time? And who cares about her implants I could care less. And who made yall experts on breast implants? Dang stop sippin on dat haterade and do somethin better wit yo life. Instead of dwelling on the negative. Say somethin about wat looks good on her body.

  9. Anonymous says

    J is soooo amazing! She looks beautiful n that dress! She looks beautiful in anything! Oh and guys shut the he’ll up about women wearing pantyhose! Guys pantyhose are so seductive and it turns guys on so much! Why do u think women always wear thing highs!?? Because it’s sexy n women know it turns guys on! It makes them feel sexy too!

  10. yuur86 says

    Wow i love her wearing pantyhose! Especially tan pantyhose! I think if women actually knew how many men love a girl in pantyhose and how many heads you guys turn when you wear them out, you guys would wear them more!

  11. sweet kiddo says

    don’t like the dress ,looks cheap but got to admit that she’s got a pretty face

  12. KissKiss says

    Those shoes make her legs look really weird. She has a nice body (aside from those things on her chest) but those shoes don’t work at all.

  13. Anonymous says

    the implants are too much- but I actually think that “JWoww” is very pretty- and one of my faves on the, albeit- ridiculous, show!

  14. squeakermama says

    Well I really don’t know this girl or her show but those boobies are bolt on’s for sure. Wow.

  15. Anonymous says

    The dress is Bebe from the Kardashian collection…she really needs to lose the panty hose.