Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Laughing Over False Tabloid Stories

Kourtney Kardashian took to her blog today to set things straight about some current tabloid stories.

She tweeted:

http://bit.ly/bsbakf tabloid attack! Why in touch and star mag r messing with the kardashians.

Her blog entry said she and boyfriend Scott Disick laugh over the crazy stories:

In Touch and Star Magazine have been having a field day when it comes to my relationship. Week after week Scott and I have been on the cover of In Touch with stories that make us laugh. Their evidence of me supposedly sleeping at my mom’s house (I have never slept there) is that my car isn’t in my driveway (it’s in my garage, duh!). We have been blessed with the most amazing, beautiful baby boy and couldn’t be happier.

She is irritated with them calling Scott “STD”:

And saying that Scotts initials are STD and that he had a dogtag because he was proud of it…his initials are SMD, but nice story, idiots.

Kourtney posted the tabloid stories in full on her blog, urging people to read them there rather than buy them on the newsstands.

just wanted you all to know that these stories are based on lies. My sisters and I are as close as always and happy in our relationships. If you want to read the ridiculous, fabricated stories, I have posted them… NO DO NOT BUY the magazines!!!

Do you think it helps when celebrities try to set the record straight? Or do you think they look over-defensive in trying to refute the stories?

Scott Didn’t look too stressed about the rumors as he enjoyed the beaches in Miami today.

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  1. EverSkye3 says

    Wish he would DROWN!
    I hate this worthless, nasty, hateful, arrogant, smart ass!
    I hope Kourtney’s family destroys him

  2. audrey says

    This is what happens when you have a reality show that lets the world know all about your life. If she was so worried about the tabloids she would have bowed out of the show a long time ago. But then she wouldn’t be on the covers if she had done that, so something tells me her protests are nothing more than a ploy to get you to run to the store to buy those trashy magazines.

  3. EverSkye3 says

    He handles himself nicely??? what a joke you missed alot
    nice is shoving 100 dollar bills in someones mouth and being drunk and rude in public at a family get together????? yea right ok!

  4. Anonymous says

    i don’t know why I think this, but I think he looks shifty, like he’s got serial killer eyes or something haha

  5. Anonymous says

    lol @ the last comment
    wait what did scott do wrong to make everyone hate him?
    i heard he cheated on kourtney but what else did he do?

  6. hurleygurlie5401 says

    while it is annoying that she is famous for nothing, i say go kourt. i think it’s hilarious that she posted the articles haha

  7. says

    To be honest I think it looks a bit stupid when celebrities are too defensive. They should know that this kind of stuff comes with the territory and they look cooler if they keep quiet.

  8. Kai says

    It makes them look a bit over-defensive to me, but I can understand the desire to set the record straight. Ignoring the stories seems like the best thing to do in these situations though.

  9. switchstance5 says

    I don’t see how it makes them look over-defensive. People are spreading lives about them to millions of people…why shouldn’t they defend themselves?!

  10. DonnaJ says

    If it’s not true, then they should take them to court for defamation. Must be some truth somewhere.