Kirsten Dunst Talks About ‘All Good Things’

Kirsten Dunst is back in the spotlight with a new movie and an amazing photo spread for this month’s V Magazine!

Kirsten is co-starring with Ryan Gosling in the upcoming film “All Good Things” – due out this month. The movie’s release date had been pushed back a few times, which led to an online petition begging for it’s release.

Inspired by the true events surrounding the life of real-estate mogul Robert Durst (played by Ryan Gosling), the film casts Dunst in the role of beleaguered wife-abused and ultimately murdered.

Kirsten and the director, Andrew Jarecki, both feel it’s her best work thus far.

“I know I’ll be seen in a very different light,” Dunst says. “This role is the most I can show of myself and I think it’s the best work I’ve ever done, for sure.”

The director says that he knew she was the one he wanted in the role:

“In Hollywood,” he explains, “the common wisdom is that you cast your male lead before your female because it is almost always the male who is the ‘bankable’ star and gets the movie financed. But I was so confident in Kirsten that we cast her first, and her performance speaks for itself,””People will see what Kirsten can do when she’s not held back, and it’s impressive. While I always thought she had it in her, nearly everyone who sees the film responds the same way: ‘Wow, I had no idea she could do that.’ She was fearless.”

Kirsten shares that working with Ryan brought out her competitive side:

“I remember Ryan and I being very competitive with each other,” she says. “I don’t know if he felt it toward me, but I definitely felt it toward him. But it’s great, I think competition brings out the best in people.”

She shares what the future holds:

“I’m ambitious,” she says. “I want to do great work and work with great directors and do great movies and produce great films. I have criteria for myself that are probably too hard to ever meet, but I’m going to try. I think people who say they’re not ambitious and have gotten to a place of success are lying

It’s hard to believe that the last feature-length movie that Kirsten was in was in 2008’s ‘How To Lose Friends and Alienate People’.

Let’s talk about this gorgeous photo spread! What do you think??

Photos by Mario Testino for V Magazine




  1. anonymous says

    Kirsten looks amazing in these pics!!!! But Kind of like a 1940’s pinup for the hitler youth (no offense to anyone).

  2. ladyfrommars says

    I love this shoot! Kirsten is totally rocking those 30’s era eyebrows! And she’s saying her performance in this movie is her best yet… I wanna see it now. Plus it has Ryan Gosling 😛

  3. MIllerpp says

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  4. merce369 says

    Absolutely amazing photos!

    Kristen rocks in them

    I’m a sucker for Ryan, any movie he’s in – i’m watching it!!!

  5. Melanie says

    I know vampires are all the rage at the mo but I think the stylist went a little overboard!