Gisele Bundchen’s Post Baby Body

Gisele Bundchen was spotted leaving a dance studio in Los Angeles yesterday. Look at her post-baby body! Even if her Vogue photoshoot was airbrushed (and I’m sure it was, just because they all are), you can see in these candid paparazzi photos that she still looks AMAZING.

Gisele gave birth to Benjamin, her first child with husband Tom Brady, in December- only three months ago.

I’m still wincing from the “garbage disposals” comment, but whatever she did during her pregnancy (and afterwards) obviously worked :)

That’s it: I’m signing up for a dance class RIGHT NOW- lol.

Photos by INF




  1. Jack says

    I stuffed my face daily when I was pregnant with my daughter and I actually lost weight. I’m sure it was muscle mass I lost because I quit lifting when I was pregnant although I walked 5 days a week, but I left the hospital in my pre pregnancy jeans after 5 days. It all comes down to genetics and what your metabolism is like. My pre pregnancy weight was 167 I went up to 187 and when I went home I weighed 155.

  2. bdel says

    30 pounds isn’t that much though. When you subtract out the weight of the baby, placenta, fluids, & tissue, there wasn’t really much left for her to lose.

  3. Kai says

    I think her comment was a bit insensitive and she should take into account that she has money to pay a trainer and nanny while she’s off working out. She also HAS to get back in shape because she’s a model.

  4. says

    Grand. If there’s one word I hate, it’s grand. It’s so phony. For a second, I was tempted to tell her to forget about the matinee. But we chewed the fat for a while. That is, she chewed it.

  5. says

    I noticed her figure is greatly maintained. She is so adorable! It is amazing after giving birth a woman can get a figure like that as if she didn’t gave birth at all.

  6. says

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  7. EverSkye3 says

    Yes ALL mags and covers ARE air brushed/ photo shopped….but these are GREAT. and she looks amazing. there is no reason to stay fat after having a baby. I gained 21 pounds with mine and was back in a size 6 in two weeks….but I also worked out up unti 3 weeks before I delivered

  8. HKay says

    I actually agree with her. I see some pregnant ladies fill their carts with cookies, cakes, chips, junk… basically treating a pregnancy as a license to eat as much as you can. The idea is to add a little bit more food (as hunger dictates) of healthy wholesome food.

    The fact that she also exercised probably helped a lot.

  9. merce369 says

    She looks great! Good for her .

    Not all of us can do it, have time or energy. We all different. It took me 2 months to get back into my pre-baby shape and it took my friend(seriously the healthiest woman i know) 6 months. I wasn’t even exercising that much and i try to eat healthy most the time, i just allow more than her when i want to treat myself.

    Yes, for some moms healthy diet and exercise before and after pregnancy is the happy formula, BUT not for others. It all comes into count – genes, healthy habits the way our bodies build and can gain or loose weight,etc


  10. meme says

    English isn’t her native language and we all know what Giselle meant. Some women (and men) are FOREVER human garbage disposals.

  11. Strikeapose says

    I agree, being pregnant does not mean you can sit around and stuff your face, not good for you or the baby. she looks amazing and so healthy. and here is to the moms to be that that keep in shape before, during and after pregnancy

  12. Anonymous says

    She’s a model – her body is her work and it pays the bill – so of course she’s going to be back in shape in no time. Just because us regular moms took 9 months to a year to lose the baby fat – doesn’t mean we were sitting on the couch stuffing junk food in our face.

  13. Putanga says

    With my first i couldnt control my hunger, i ate like a cow, and lost the weight within 2 to 3 weeks after having baby with our havig to excersise. With my second i excersied and ate very healthy during pregnancy and it took me 5 months to loose all the weight. It all depends on the person, how many kids they have etc…