Kevin Costner Expecting His Seventh Child With Wife

Kevin Costner is to become a dad for the seventh time. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

The Oscar-winning actor and director announced he was having his third child with wife Christine Baumgartner in the summer. He told German magazine Bunte:

“My wife is going to have a baby in June.”

The newborn will join brothers Cayden Wyatt, two, and Hayes Logan, 13 months. She will be a very busy lady.

The 55-year-old actor has another four children from two relationships – his first marriage to Cindy Silva produced Annie, 26, Lily, 23, and Joe, 22 while son Liam, 13, comes from a brief relationship with Bridget Rooney.

Imagine having a 26 year old and a newborn?
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  1. elizabeth segura says

    The way that you love me,made me remember when my x-husband had a mild heart attack in our yard. I’m almost sad I had to get a divorce. I want him to be loved and I hope he is. Unfortunately I’ve still got/have alot of love for him in my heart. I can not fix the divorce,but maybe I can fix the friendship. I didn’t think he loved or wanted to be with me anymore. But listening to you and the band’s music , makes my heart hurt and want to be loved again by him. Unfortunately, he has someone loving him( I think) being his lover instead of me. I think about him loving another and it drives me crazy. If only I could see and talk to you, and really know your happy, maybe I could feel I’ll find that kind of love. Please, Call me:2102145651# I’M actually going to counsuling behind my divorce. I KNOW how you felt years ago,when you went through it with CINDY. I would love it if you called.Love you! CONGRATS. ON YOUR BABY DAUGHTER!

  2. Ninni says

    Men have it easy like that :D Well no, of course parenting is draining to both sides, but i sure would feel differently about the announcement if it were a women expecting baby nro 7. Congrats to the couple.

  3. Barbara Nemec says

    I think a little girl is great news. I have seen both girls and they are beautiful. Lily was at the concert in downtown Greenville SC and Annie was at the concert on the golf course at Cliffs Valley just over the NC/SC line. Barbara Nemec

  4. switchstance5 says

    OH geez Kevin. Try sticking with one woman before you keep on producing. Those poor kids.

  5. Anonymous says

    Given that we don’t know what kind of family situation his kids are in, we can hardly say “poor kids.” Maybe he is a doting father of all of his children. We don’t know one way or the other, only know from reading gossip columns.

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