Dina Lohan Promotes New Waterless ‘Lohan Toothbrush’

Dina Lohan was promoting a new product today at Pier 92 in New York City: a toothbrush. She was there to support the new ‘Aqua Freedom Green Lohan Toothbrush’. It’s a waterless toothbrush that is eco-friendly.

I know celebrities and their teams branch out into a wide variety of products, but the toothbrush just seems so random, doesn’t it?

Photos by WENN




  1. audrey says

    I don’t care how green it is–I refuse to put my hard earned money into the hands of this family.

  2. Ninni says

    What is a waterless toothbrush? The idea doesn’t seem appealing to me, but i don’t know how it works so.. Anyway not interested in buying. I will continue to selfishly use a bit of water to maintain my hygiene and try to chip in on the sparing of the earth in other forms.

  3. Vedder says

    A Waterless Lohan Tooth brush???????? Have you TOTALLY sold your site out to this cheap slut fcking family?? Look at this disgusting sell out skank–Lohan Toothbrush–what is for–to take off the alcohol, crack, and cigarette residue after a hard night of partying??