‘Kick-Ass’ Premiere Held At London’s Empire Leicester Square

Brad Pitt, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jane Goldman, Aaron Johnson and others all hit the red carpet for the UK premiere of ‘Kick-Ass’. I thought maybe Brad had a small part in the film, but he’s actually a producer on this one. :)

I noticed that Nicolas Cage was absent from the photos. I’m guessing he’s off working – he has two movies that are showing they are currently filming, according to IMDB.

Have you seen the trailer? I put it under the cut, if you’d like to check it out. It’s due out in U.S. theaters on April 16th.

Photos by WENN




  1. Moreaces says

    Im Def, team Jolie/Pitt, love em both, but Brad is not looking very good on this pic, hopefully he’s just very tired and jetlag

  2. switchstance5 says

    This looks like a good movie! I can’t believe Brad Pitt would produce something like this.

  3. Anonymous says

    i’m sorry but what is his appeal? his looks are shot to hell. he looks like a poor mans version of Jeff Bridges

  4. whatthe?! says

    ha! He isn’t that hunk we are use to seeing! He shouldn’t try too hard to making this look into a cute habit! realize something about Jeff Bridges, he was a very hot man in his 30’s , when he shot “AGAINST ODDS” ……. good lord , he was way toooooo old for me, but I know when I see a smoking hot man when I see one! Now , we have Brad! watch it Brad, that Hobo look may stick and it ain’t pretty!

  5. Anonymous says

    Was there, managed to get tickets. What a film!!! I think they should of got Miller and Romita jr down the front with the actors before the film started, With out their talent the concept for this film would never of been born.
    Great performances from the actors, and none of them seemed stuck up with the normal folk milling around them.