Pete Wentz Doesn’t Want Bronx To Live In A Bubble

Pete Wentz is lending a hand to UNICEF’s Tap Project, in part to show son Bronx what’s important in life.

“I want my son to know that the world doesn’t revolve around this bubble that we live in,” says Wentz, who is married to Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. “In order to empathize with all [the world’s] children, he needs to see them as the same as him.”

He added:

“Water is a basic human right,” Wentz says of helping this “solvable problem.”

Essentially, the project is a partnership in which restaurants ask you to donate $1 for a glass of tap water that would normally be free. The money goes to help UNICEF in it’s efforts to bring clean water to millions of children around the world. If you go to UNICEF’s Tap Project site, you can look up what restaurants in your area are participating.

See Pete’s interview under the cut.

Photos by INF