Russell Brand Is Obsessed With Bridal Magazines

First, Russell Brand is supposed to be getting tired of being engaged to Katy Perry. But according to Katy, Russell’s obsessed with bridal magazines.

[Katy] said: “I’m not that obsessed with plans. But if we stop for breakfast, he has to stop and get ‘Bride’ magazine. It gets a little crazy.”

That’s just too cute :) Katy also said she hopes Rihanna plans her bachelorette party.

Is Rihanna organizing it? I hope she does after all the crazy a*s presents I sent her.

Maybe Rihanna will read that and get busy- LOL.

One thing Katy said she is hoping for on her wedding day is some privacy.

“It’s going to be the right perfect time when none of you are gonna know!”

I hope these two do make it to the alter. I think they’re a great couple!

Photos by INF




  1. cdelgadillo says

    This was a good story, especially since it was released that Russell said Tiger Woods and Jesse James were “okay guys”