Sharon Stone Films A Guest Spot On ‘Law And Order: SVU’

Sharon Stone was spotted filming her guest role with ‘Law and Order: SVU’ stars Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni. Sharon’s character is a retired police officer who’s become an assistant district attorney.

At the annual gala for the NYPD Police Foundation last weekend, Sharon said:

“I’m trying to do a good job, and make you guys proud.”

I don’t know how the acting is going, but Sharon and Mariska certainly do seem friendly, don’t they? They’re smiling and chatting like old friends in some of these pictures :)

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Fact Or Fiction: Russell Brand Tiring Of Being In Committed Relationship With Katy Perry

Oh boy. I guess I can’t say I’m shocked that these stories are starting to come out, but all the same…

The Daily Mail reports that Russell Brand isn’t sure he wants to stay in a committed relationship with fiancee Katy Perry.

A source said: “Russell adores Katy, but he’s not sure he’s capable of being tied down.

“Everyone who knows him isn’t really that surprised. He has a habit of declaring that a girl is “The One” during the first weeks of dating, but it’s just that it’s never been this high profile before.

“It seems he’s finding this relationship overwhelming.”

Apparently Russel was spotted having some fun at pre-Oscar parties without Katy.

“He was spotted pinging the elastic on one girl’s fishnet tights and laughing flirtatiously.

“While at another event, he was seen hand in hand with a mystery brunette.”

Now that does NOT sound good. But it’s also what we expected, which may be why it seems so believable when it isn’t.

So what do you think: fact or fiction?

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Matt Damon Leaves A $400 Tip While Dining At Stanton Social

How nice of him!!!

Matt Damon certainly made somebody’s day when he left a $400 tip. The ‘Green Zone’ actor was seen out with wife Luciana and a group of friends at New York nightspot Stanton Social on Saturday and delighted workers at the eatery with his generous manner. A source told the New York Daily News newspaper:

“Matt ordered nine chilled lobsters, which aren’t even on the menu. But the restaurant made it happen.

“Not only was he extremely polite, he left a $400 tip on top of the added gratuity.”

Don’t you love hearing stories like this. Spreading the love! Keep it up Matty.

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Silver Lining To Sandra Bullock And Jesse James’ Marital Problems

Here’s one thing Sandra Bullock can draw a sigh of relief over. According to E! News, she and Jesse James signed a prenuptial agreement before they married in 2005.

“They keep everything separate,” the insider says. “She has her money and he has his. They both wanted it that way.”

According to the source, the duo agreed to keep their finances and business holdings separate before tying the knot-which would make things considerably smoother should the couple eventually decide to call it quits.

So that may be one reason Sandra’s rep is denying reports that she’s consulting with divorce attorneys: she’s okay either way.

The source reportedly said that they kept all assets separate even after they were married, so even their homes were purchased by one or the other, not jointly.

I’m sure Sandra’s still reeling, but at least that’s one thing she doesn’t have to worry about.

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‘Jersey Shore’ Stars J-WOWW And Ronnie To Write A Book

Now I know ‘Jersey Shore’ has become MTV’s newest reality TV show hit, but I didn’t see THIS coming. J-WOWW and Ronnie have teamed up to write a book titled ‘Never Fall in Love at the Jersey Shore.’

But the title is a little misleading. It’s actually a “how-to” book about how to get and maintain the “Jersey Shore look and attitude.” This is how Entertainment Weekly is describing it:

St. Martin’s Press has signed a deal with the two fair-weather Jerseyites to bring you all the best insight into GTL (Gym, Tanning, Laundry), MOITHT (Making Out In The Hot Tub) and GABTCAPSOOTB (Getting Arrested By The Cops After Punching Someone Out On The Boardwalk.)

…perhaps they’ll be nice enough to include a free sample canister of Axe Body Spray along with some suggestions for dermatologists who specialize in melanoma.

Hmmm… well… I… don’t know what to say. What do you think?

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Brad Pitt Explains The Beard

Brad Pitt finally opened up about why he grew a beard and why he still has it. It’s not for a role or any other artistic purposes. Here’s why he keeps the beard:

“It’s boredom. No other reason than that,” he told Britain’s Sun.

Okay… that explanation doesn’t make me feel any better.

I know it’s wrong, but if I could just send Angelina Jolie one little message, it would be “You know where he sleeps…” LOL

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LAST Day To Enter: 2 Tickets To ‘City Island’ Screening – Multiple Cities

Vince Rizzo (Andy Garcia) is a lifelong resident of the tiny, tradition-steeped Bronx enclave of City Island. A family man who makes his living as a corrections officer, Vince longs to become an actor. Ashamed to admit his aspirations to his family, Vince would rather let his fiery wife Joyce (Julianna Margulies) believe his weekly poker games are a cover for an extramarital affair than admit he’s secretly taking acting classes in Manhattan. When Vince is asked to reveal his biggest secret in class, he inadvertently sets off a chaotic chain of events that turns his mundane suburban life upside down.

For more information, check out the following:The movie trailer, become a fan of the movie on FaceBook and check out director Raymond De Felitta’s blog, where he is covering the entire production of the film.

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