Updated: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Host Brooke Burke Pregnant

‘Dancing with the Stars’ co-host Brooke Burke is expecting her fifth child, according to Radar Online.

The beautiful and slim host shared the news with family and friends, RadarOnline.com is reporting.

David Charvet is on an African adventure but will soon learn the good news.

David is Brooke’s husband; it seems a little odd this type of news would leak before he found out. Also, there’s no rep confirmation, so I don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is, then congratulations!

UPDATED: This was apparently an April Fool’s Day joke. 😉 Gotta watch out for those headlines today.

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  1. ashmeljer says

    kinda funny….my girlfriend emailed her hubby today and said she thinks she’s preggers….must be the running April Fools Day joke….my hubby would keel over. LOL

  2. Anonymous says

    What a lame April fools day joke. Really.

    I don’t expect much more from her though.

  3. Anonymous says

    i called my mom today and told her i was pregnant, couldnt fool my hubby with that cuz my period just finished. And then i was like APRIL FOOLS!!! LOL

  4. ???xxxx??? says

    brookeburke where is your sense of humor?!? I will not be Dancing With baby #5. lOL Got you!!!! April Fools!!!

  5. ???xxxx??? says

    brookeburke where is your sense of humor?!? I will not be Dancing With baby #5. lOL Got you!!!! April Fools!!!

  6. ???xxxx??? says

    She posted on twitter. brookeburke April Fools Tweetie pies!!!!! But seriously!!!!! I am not preggers….

  7. anonymus says

    Fortunately, the pregnancy proved to be false and not this because this woman is like a rabbit. I do not consider myself an exemplary but nor do I pretend to like her and I think with the kind of life that is leading in general should be more discreet and not so proud of their actions because being famous is good but also things bad and this involves being the talk of the world and people say ….. If you intend to be a role model you had better change course today because it is the last person who should have as a reference!.

  8. Anonymous says

    David and Brooke are not married.

    It’s pretty sad that this got out before he was told. If it’s true.

  9. Anonymous says

    So how many is this with David? She has a few from her ex husband (who by the way she wasn’t even divorced from when she started having an affiar with David).

  10. TerriblyTexas says

    Sad if her man has to find out through the tabloids. Maybe good news for DWTS fans if “Modern Mom” leaves the show so someone who is a little fun, not so plastic, can at least read a cue card, and doesn’t interupt the dancers and Tom can take her place!

  11. Your kindding says

    Wow. I’m surprised. Her boyfriend, DAvid Charvet has been in Africa for 2 months and with her schedule she barely has time to take care of the 4 kids she has. I’m shocked if just for the fact that she will lose her fantastic body yet again. I mean a 5th kid at her age-almost 40 has got to be rough on the body. I think she is somewhat selfish because she never seems to have enough time for the ones she has and she wont marry the father anyhow.

  12. Anonymous says

    She doesn’t really have any other skills so I’m not surprised. Maybe David’s not the father. And they are not married. She still gets alimony from her ex-husband.

    Actually they were rumored to be on a break from the relationship. David didn’t want her to do DWTS but she did it anyway. Maybe Tom Bergeron is the baby daddy.