Robert Pattinson Filming ‘Bel Ami’ In Budapest

You have to imagine that Robert Pattinson is enjoying working on his latest film, ‘Bel Ami’ (based on the Guy de Maupassant novel). I mean, it’s a period film which is always fun because you get to dress up in outfits that aren’t typicality worn and he is spending a great deal of time in Budapest, Hungary. What an experience!

Robert recently admitted that he knows his choices might not please his ‘Twilight’ fanbase, but he hopes they still come and take a chance on his other movies.

If people go to see it, once you’ve got them into the cinema, then it’s almost inevitable that they’ll get drawn into it, hopefully,” he says.

“Obviously, you hope people like things, but if you start doing stuff to please a certain audience, you’re going in the wrong direction.

Especially when you’re trying to please huge swathes of people.”

If you are a fan of Rob because of Twilight, do you intend to stay loyal and see his other non-vampire movies?




  1. Anonymous says

    I’m reading the book now…..Rob is a good actor…….I hope he does lots of different movies!!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Er hat Glück bei den Frauen, Bel Ami….
    so viel Glück bei den Frauen, Bel Ami,
    ist nicht schön, doch galant, ist nicht klug doch sehr
    charmant, ist kein Held, nur ein Mann der gefällt…

  3. sarahb says

    I absolutely love Rob and I will see his other movies, but more for the story than him. I’m going to see Remember Me this weekend…I think it looks like a great movie. Haven’t seen Little Ashes yet but it’s in my Netflix queue. :)

  4. KissKiss says

    He looks more like a vampire here than in any of those Twilight movies. He looks kind of hot in a top hat.

  5. switchstance5 says

    I’m definitely not a Robert fan, but if it’s a good movie I’ll probably go see it. It’s not really about who’s in the movie for me, it’s just if it’s a good one.