Report: Brooke Mueller Considering Divorcing Charlie Sheen

Brooke Mueller wants to divorce Charlie Sheen. I guess she heard the rumor that the actor is cheating with Angelina Tracy. I still can’t get over that fake mustache.

The allegations are seemingly the last straw for Brooke. A friend told E! Online:

“Brooke is now seriously considering divorce. She is not surprised by anything Charlie does at this point – she is doing what she needs to do to be a good mother to Max and Bob and she can’t control what Charlie does.

“She is in a really good place right now, and her main concern is the kids.”

However, a spokesperson for Charlie – who is currently being treated for alcoholism at a rehabilitation clinic – is adamant nothing romantic is going on between the 44-year-old actor and Angelina and they only know each other through someone Charlie is in rehab with.

“The woman in question is the sister of one of Sheen’s camp mates and Sheen was only responding to a 12th step call. Since Sheen knew he was being followed and how this would look, he wore the mustache as a tongue-in-cheek disguise gesture.”

Well, that sort of makes sense. I guess I could see Charlie doing something like that to confuse the paparazzi. I guess…




  1. imagamble says

    Luv it, lets all think the absolute worse, cause were all such good friends of Charlie and Brooks.