Vanessa Williams Signs Autographs For Fans In NYC

Vanessa Williams was at ABC Studios in New York City for an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’. She was on the show today to promote her new Broadway play, “Sondheim On Sondheim.”

Vanessa is one of the many ‘Ugly Betty’ cast members that want to see the show hit the big screen.

“We did not want to leave. Our last week, none of us wanted to leave the table. None of us wanted to finish the words we were saying,” Williams said about the her final taping of the show.

“It was an extraordinary group of people, the ensemble was great, the directors were great – the writers – the whole team. It was unique. Yes, an Ugly Betty movie, absolutely.”

Would you watch an ‘Ugly Betty’ movie?

Photos by INF




  1. Miel says

    OMG YES I would watch an Ugly Betty movie! I was thinking about it as soon as I was waching the final episode. We need to see Daniel and Betty’s relationship go to the next step. I think it left off on a good note for the possibility of a movie.

  2. Anonymous says

    Even after all these years, her beauty is still astonishing. The only eyes in the business that could rival Elizabeth Taylor’s. Wow!

  3. Anonymous says

    I do want to see Ugly Betty: the movie.The series was amazing!!It’s the best series i’ve ever seen before!!! i can’t wait to see it on the screen!!