Report: Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt To Marry

YAWN!!! I think the rumor of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting married has officially just topped the number of Loch Ness monster sightings reported over the last 100 years. What are we up to now- 6,348,009??

The couple – who have been together since 2005 – have finally given into the pleas of their older children, Maddox, eight, Pax, six, Zahara, five, and three-year-old Shiloh and agreed to tie the knot… according to OK! Magazine.

“First it was Maddox, who has begged his parents to tie the knot for years. “Lately, Shiloh and Zahara have been chiming in, and Pax thinks it would just be the coolest thing ever to be a ring bearer.”

Angelina, 34, has previously admitted she and 46-year-old Brad are expecting the children to eventually start questioning why they had never got married.

“Usually people fall in love and everything revolves around the ritual of marriage, children are an afterthought. We did everything backwards.

“But sooner or later it will be the kids who ask us to get married. You know, they see films and start asking questions. Such as, ‘Why are Shrek and his love Fiona married and you’re not?’ “

Do you really think the children are old enough to ask these questions about Brad and Angie? They can’t really tell the difference and my guess is Angie shelters them as much as she can from the news. I doubt these thoughts even exist.

What do you think about Ok! Magazine’s report?

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  1. imagamble says

    look at it this way if they are married to each other they’re not fucking up anybody elses life. 😉

  2. Star says

    Lol yeah i doubt kids would even know they’re not married. Most of us arent around when our parents get married and since we werent born its like it never happened so i doubt that the kids would have anything to say about it.

  3. Anonymous says

    lol I love it when their haters burned and say all kind of things. lol A lot people would take Brad in any day so they will take Angie. She got him after she has two kids Z and mad. She is someone who know how to attract what she wants. It is not like they are Aniston no kids but still no man want to stick around with her but still at 41 talk about you are finding your way in life as though she is 21..
    I love to see them getting married not because marriage is the next step to their relationship , that part is already happened. I want it Just to see how exquisite Bride and Groom they make. They will be super dinamic. Make it happen Brad and Angie for your adoring fans.

  4. Anonymous4444444 says

    Who cares, seriously. She’s trash so hopefully he’ll marry her to keep her ass away from other married men, like that would stop the whore.

  5. EverSkye3 says

    I hope they do get married, they make a great couple.
    CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    You definitely care that is why you are here commenting . I wish it is true but who believe the tabs? All those meet up stores that was on and on and on..even are false.

  7. amanda..........(: says

    I can’t stand these two. I hate them and I want them to get divorce.
    Worse couple than Brangelina will the world never see.


  8. jenjen says

    It actually is possible for kids this young to understand at least a vague concept of marriage. I think kids who are born to single parents and have seen others get married understand marriage a bit differently than a kid who has only seen married people have children. My stepdaughter would ask me when she and her Dad would be getting married when she was 6 years old. Kids are a lot smarter than most give them credit for.

  9. Anonymous says

    amanda……….(: you are one stupid ass person……please keep up. they are NOT married……lmao

  10. Anonymous says

    Who cares, seriously. She’s trash so hopefully he’ll marry her to keep her ass away from other married men, like that would stop the whore.

    i agree with this statement absolutely

  11. Scruffy says

    Sorry but who rights this shite? are the children old enough to be asking these kind of questions? please of course they are, they ain’t dumb. I think they will get married, and they won’t make a public specticle of it either. Vera get some new writers.

  12. Scruffy says

    So you will that a family gets broken up and 6 children effected just because YOU ‘hate’ them (even though you don’t really know them!), your world must be pretty bleak. (oh and by the way, a couple needs to be MARRIED before they can ‘get divorced’.)

  13. meme says

    so she’s ‘respectable’ enough to be the mother of his children but not enough to marry? yeah, right. that said, i can’t stand them and don’t give a shit what they do.

  14. remywill says

    Now that they’ve both sucked the hot out of each other and are dragged down with 6 kids, what the hell, they might as well, who the heck else is going to take either of them on………..yawn.

  15. audrey says

    These rumors are getting old. If she isn’t pregnant, then they are fighting, or she has kicked him out, or he is staying because of the kids, or they are getting married. I put this down as creative fiction, made up by some in the box thinker on the magazine staff.