Fact Or Fiction: Brooke Mueller Moves Out After Paid Escort Moves In With Charlie Sheen

Earlier this week, the story was that Brooke Mueller refused to move out of the family home she used to share with Charlie Sheen. Today, the word is that Brooke moved out after Charlie moved back into their home: with a paid escort.

“Their relationship is dead,” the source said. “Brooke wants a payout.”

Well, I guess the relationship is dead if things like that are happening!

Radar Online reports that Charlie has had paid escorts come to the house before while Brooke was away. Once the story broke, Brooke supposedly refused to leave, but once Charlie declared he was moving back in, that was it.

“She doesn’t want to sleep in the same house with him she’s so disgusted,” the source said.

Can you blame her? IF this story is true, the only thing I can think is that Charlie wants Brooke to leave, so he’s behaving so outrageously to drive her away. I just wonder how they’re keeping things even civil for their twin sons.

What do you think: fact or fiction?

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  1. imagamble says

    yep given charlies track record he probably is being “outrageous” to get rid of her. Dude stop getting married you idiot! You are not the marrying type. Unless of course you enjoy loosing half your crap every couple of years.

  2. horseyjunior says

    I don’t think she’s an angel either, but he should quit reproducing! These poor children that he continues to bring into this world are the ones really suffering.

  3. Anonymous says

    Men, men, men, men, men, men………..
    The title “Two and a half men” now makes sense, as not Jake is the half, but Charlie seems to be the half men……..

  4. Kai says

    Normally i’d say “no way this is true” but given Charlie’s history with prostitutes… who knows?

  5. DonnaJ says

    Given Charlie’s history, I’m surprised that she even dated him, never mind marry him and has his children. Now, there’s shock and disgust. Why? You knew what he was before you married him.

    One of the biggest mistakes that people can make is thinking they can change someone.

  6. Anonymous says

    Never mind the payout as The state of California will make sure the kids are well provided for and as their mother she will be living very high on the hog. Get out while you still have a thread of self repsect and screw Charlie Sheen who will never change.

  7. Anonymous says

    So she wants a payout because the relationship is dead? Interesting. *cough*golddigger*cough*

  8. Anon says

    They are both a mess and deserve each other. But, I do hope Charlie gets a vasectomy…..he does not need to add to his brood. As for Brooke, I never cared for her anyway-and of course she knew how Charlie was-it has always been in the news –she just needs to go away and be a mother.

  9. Lorrie says

    You know what. Charlie Sheen is a known douche throughout Hollywood. He loved hookers, drugs, drinking & gambling. Back when he & Denise Richards were divorcing and she made these claims, everyone was anti-Denise. Now, she is laughing. She totally told the truth about his infidelity, drugs and abusive behavior. Brooke knew all of this waaaaay before they even dated. She knew. But she wanted the money. Forget the kids, apparently neithor one of them are fit to be responsible parents. Team Denise!

  10. Anonymous says

    I thought they did escorts together?

    These 2 are the same person in different sexes. If I didn’t know any better I’d say she was his sister.