Hot New Couple Alert: Abbie Cornish And Josh Hartnett?

It seems while in New York filming ‘The Dark Fields,’ actress Abbie Cornish is spending some quality time with Josh Hartnett. The pair were spotted together on Saturday night at Warren 77, a bar owned by New York Ranger, Sean Avery. It was reported that the pair looked cozy and stayed until 1am before leaving together.

What do you think of these two together? Do you think it’s too soon for Abbie to be moving on after her split with Ryan Phillippe?

Photos by FAME




  1. YAYI says

    This is kind of normal in the hollywierd world. It’s never too soon to move on to the next guy or gal.

  2. KissKiss says

    It’s definitely NOT Ana Torv.

    Abbie must have a thing for guys who were hot in the late 90s.

  3. Anonymous says

    FYI – That is definitely NOT Abbie Cornish. It’s that chick from “Fringe”, Anna Torv.

  4. merce369 says

    she’s been in a few:

    “A Good Year” with Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard

    “Bright Star” with Ben Whishaw(love him) and Paul Schneider

    Both are quite good movies.

    And it’s definitely Abbie photo’s in the post

  5. I'm not Anonymous says

    OK, folks, if you don’t know Abbie Cornish when you see her, you shouldn’t be commenting. As for whether it’s too soon. What a stupid question. First of all only she can make that call and second of all they were broken up for at least a month before the big announcement in February. It’s not like they were married or even engaged.