Report: Lindsay Lohan Offered $1 Million From ‘Celebrity Rehab’

I would watch every damn episode if Lindsay Lohan was one of the people getting help on next season’s ‘Celebrity Rehab’. And that’s coming from a girl who has given up on reality television in its entirety. {OK I slipped up with DWTS this season – forgive me!}

Ok! Magazine is reporting that Lindsay was offered a million big ones in exchange for a few weeks in front of Dr. Drew. I’m DYING at the THOUGHT. It won’t happen. I don’t think Lindsay thinks she has a problem.

SO!!! Who else received a golden ticket from ‘Celebrity Rehab’? Well, according to TMZ that would be Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller and Jenna Jameson.

Aiming high are they? Who on EARTH would think that Heather Locklear would say yes to this reality show?! LOL!

Who would you want to see on the show? Would you do something like this for $1 million?




  1. anwashington says

    probably not true, but if it is, it’s not about her getting “fixed”’s ratings. I can’t even stand hearing about her anymore, but I’d probably watch every now & then………..

  2. meeeeeee says

    If it is true, she will go. Even if she “has no problem” with addictions, she has definitely problem with money

  3. OutInLeftField says

    If this is true, she should do it and then use the money to pay off her credit card debt.

  4. Ha says

    Even if Lindsay thought she had a problem, Dina would be BENDING OVER BACKWARDS to convince her she didn’t. This entire family is in denial. And if she does have a problem, she certainly doesn’t need to be getting treatment for it on television.

  5. stormyboo says

    A million? Not too sure if i believe that, I know that they offered Artie Lange $250 thousand to appear, Lindsay has already been to rehab, what makes any TV exec think that having her on Celebrity Rehab is going to “fix” her or bring in viewers, she will end up acting like Kari Ann Peniche a huge pain in the ass. Lindsay is a mess, she doesn’t need to be on TV with all her baggage and family and drama, she needs some sort of deprogramming.

  6. NeNe says

    I would not watch the show if she was on it. You know she would be there just for the money, like so many others, and then go back to her drugs and alcohol. I think she should be on permanent lock-down. If not, we will probably be reading her obit very soon.

  7. Miss Bitch says

    I would do this, for sure. Who doesn’t want a two week vacation, where all you do all day is talk about your feelings? And get paid a million bucks for it? Where do I sign up?

  8. Anonymous says

    She totally would take this. Her career is in the gutter (hello – milkshakes posing with the oscar?!), she’s broke and is dying for more attention. She is desperate and pathetic at this point so I wouldn’t count her out.

  9. Anonymous says

    Gerard Butler/sex addiction ftw! 😀 Think of the tension that would create! A hundred bajillion people would tune in because hey, Gerard Butler and at least half of them would be hoping he could never be cured b/c as long as he’s still an unrepentant cad, they still have a chance. 😀

  10. NeNe says

    I would not watch this show if she was on it. You know she would only be on the show for the money, like so many others, and then she would be back to the drugs and alcohol. I think she needs to be put on permanent lock-down, or else, we might be reading her obit very soon.

  11. imagamble says

    ha her father the illustrious Michael probably started this one. If its true shes an idiot to not take it. Maybe it will make her insurable so she can get a movie part.