Elizabeth Berkley To Write Self Esteem Book For Teen Girls

It was announced this week that actress, Elizabeth Berkley, will be writing a self-esteem handbook for teen girls. The book, entitled ‘Ask Elizabeth,’ will be based on questions the actress has been asked over the years.

The book is set to be released next spring by Penguin.

The 37-year-old Berkley is best known for the sitcom “Saved by the Bell” and for playing an exotic dancer in the movie “Showgirls.” She also appeared in the films “The First Wives Club” and “Any Given Sunday.”

Hmm…I wonder if teen girls even know who Elizabeth Berkley is? Would you let your daughter read Elizabeth’s book?

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  1. smp209 says

    “i’m sooooo excited! i’m sooo excited! I’m soo….scared!” hahaha you gotta love jessie spano!

  2. Kai says

    This seems a bit random, but if she feels she has some good advice for teens, then more power to her.

  3. Ninni says

    I don’t know who she is, i mean i’ve heard of Saved by the Bell, but i don’t think i’ve seen her in anything, or if i have, haven’t paid attention to her. But it wouldn’t matter if the book is any good. It helps to a point if the person is someone you look up to, but a self help book is still a self help book no matter who wrote it.

  4. Terry says

    I saw Elizabeth in “ShowGirls”. A total beautiful woman.
    I think she is also underrated as an actress. Hollywood dumped on her and she kept her self esteem. She is qualified to give advice and every young lady has something to learn from her.