Tony Dovolani Says Negative Press Made It Hard To Motivate Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin’s Dancing With the Stars partner, Tony Dovolani, took some time to talk to TV Guide about working with Kate and the many misconceptions about their relationship.

TV Guide asked him about his comment that he had to motivate Kate every day and said it was exhausting. Tony clarifies that:

It’s because of everything she has to read about herself every single day. Dancing was supposed to be a positive experience for her, and it seems like everybody put a bull’s-eye on her and started shooting. That demoralizes everybody no matter who you are. How am I supposed to motivate her when she looks at me and goes, “Every media outlet hates me.” I have to give her props. She’s an incredible mom and she’s an example for single moms out there. She handles herself to the best of her ability because she’s constantly under fire by everybody

The truth be told, the hardest part of teaching her was keeping her motivated because of all these things that everyone was saying about her. She was demoralized. Every 15 minutes, somebody would send her a new article that was written about her in a bad way. You have no choice but to read it because you want to know what is being said about you so you can protect yourself when questions come up in interviews.

Tony shared that they are planning a play date with his daughter and Kate’s children and the two keep in touch almost every day. He also said he is looking forward to dancing with her at the show’s finale.

It’ll just be fun to have her around again because she was a lot of fun to be around. I just want to see her smile because when she smiles, she lights up a room.

Sounds to me like these two got along very well, despite the reports we kept reading in the press. Do you feel bad for Kate that there was so much negative stuff being said about her?

Kate was snapped today running errands near her home in Pennsylvania.

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  1. DonnaJ says

    I think part of what is wrong with the younger generation is the fact that there are less and less stay at home moms. Unfortunately, gone are the days when the man was the bread winner and the woman took care of the home. I commend all the moms that stay at home and provide love, structure and guidance to their children.

  2. Anonymous says

    The dancers all had to sign contracts and want to have them renewed for the next season so of course they have to make out like it was one happy family. They want people to tune in for the finale and this witch is the shrew she has always been, the crew on set were so glad to see the back of her rude nasty butt.

  3. sarasoso says

    I can’t beleive all you people are actually believing all the press. Do u actually think Tony would say bad things about her.

  4. kaya says

    Hmm, don’t you think if you were her that you can even shut out all the negative stuff when its practically everywhere? And even if she says she does no one will believe it. That said, I don’t feel as sorry for her as for her children, how can a child have think about all this at such a young age.

  5. Anonymous says

    oooohhh pooor creature…she is so naive and gullible…stop the bs…the woman sold her soul for the money and most of what she is is what she planted…dont know how many people would do what she has , perhaps a lot, but that is not the point…you can only sell your soul once..she did many…sorry i feel no pitty for her…

  6. Jan says

    Nice friends sending you all the bad stories they find about you. Take a cue from other people in the spotlight ( I cant sink low enough to actually call her a s.t.a.r) who stay away from anything that is written about them.

  7. Anonymous says

    She has guts. Which is highly admirable… Strong women who are not apologetic about it, still frighten people (and by people, I mean most men and all the women who have failed at life, a.k.a. “the stay-at- home-mom brigade”).
    I wish her all the best (and YES, I will be watching her new show).

  8. Scruffy says

    So let me get this straight… if you stay at home with your kids you have ‘failed at life’….? your logic is astounding.

  9. Anonymous says

    She needs to stop worrying about the media hating her and worry about her children doing the same!

  10. Anonymous says

    i don’t think people hate her they just like talking about her and it makes her famous. she just isnt a dancer there was nothing that could be done.

  11. Paul E. Stanley says

    Ah, poor Kate. Nobody likes me because I’m a witch. Stop being such a witch to everyone and maybe they would like you. She tries to manipulates everyone around her with the”I’m just a poor single mom” crap. Anyone who falls for it or admires her because of it, needs to have their head examined. The only reason she HAS to read about herself everyday is because she is a self centered and only cares about herself.

  12. Jeannified says

    Wow! Who would have thought he’d be saying such nice things about her, after the media played them up as opponents!

  13. Anonymous says

    the whole gang on DWTS already said that she was not at all a bitch or a diva….its just the tabloids making up stories because that what sells. everytime they make headlines “kate storm off” or “she refuse to talk to anybody”….i always roll my eyes and say whatever….such bs story. i’m not sticking up for her or anything…i just find these rumors ridiculous and stupid.

  14. Anon says

    It’s nice to hear something positive about her for a change…other than she’s got nice abs.

  15. stormyboo says

    Kate is not a star, but, she was on a show with stars, then that makes her eligible for criticism. She wants the “see I’m providing for my kids” image, she wants that attention, she likes it, OK then you have to like all aspects of your life, paps, gossip, blog comments you wanted it

  16. jill says

    I cant imagine Kate reading all the hateful sh “t that has been written about her. I even have more admiration for her now.
    I just cat imagine how she was able to even wake up every day, let alone practicing ad then dancing on the show. But quitting is exactly what the evil haters want her to do. they want her to give up in life.

  17. audrey says

    Why would you go out of your way every single day to look up things on the internet written about you–especially if you know you are not well liked? I know if would be difficult to avoid the tabloid covers at stores, but those are hardly a new thing in her life. I can’t help but feel that she is over doing the seeking for sympathy act.