How Much Attention Do These Girls Need?

I don’t know why I continuously post about this group. I don’t watch the show. I don’t particularly LIKE this crew, yet – like a car crash – I am drawn to them and cannot look away. I need help.

Here’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley partying for Cinco de Mayo in Miami Beach, Florida. The girls shared a kiss, played drinking games, jumped on a large Corono bottle and filmed a scene for their reality show, ‘Jersey Shore’.

Photos by INF




  1. Anonymous82 says

    Really Vera?????? The Kardashians are desperate for attention yet you keep covering them too. So you want them to have less attention, write less about them.

  2. NeNe says

    “Snooki” is a little piggy. Why on earth are people so fascinated with her? I just do not get it. She, and the rest of that cast are so full of themselves. It makes me sick. I have never seen the show, nor will I ever.

  3. audrey says

    I can’t believe anyone would find this show riveting entertainment. I can’t stand looking at their pictures, and any time I have seen them on a show as guests there hasn’t been anything about them that would make me want to watch Jersey Shore.

  4. KissKiss says

    About a month ago MTV started to broadcast the show here in the Netherlands. When I first read about this show (probably on INO) I was kind of interested, I wanted to see what everyone was talking about. But now I really don’t give a crap about this show and those people, I haven’t seen a single episode and I’d like to keep it that way.

  5. OutInLeftField says

    I would be fine with a Jersey Shore ban at this site. It wouldn’t bother me at all.

  6. hellogoodbye says

    Blogs are one of the fuels that contribute to this fire we call “Jersey Shore”. Stop reporting and they will slowly go away…

  7. Ha says

    Welcome to America, the land of any publicity (attention) is good publicity. These people are an embarrassment. I saw about 5 minutes of one episode and changed the channel because I could actually feel myself getting dumber.

  8. switchstance5 says

    I’m the same way. I love posts about this group even though their stars are fading.

  9. Caitlin P says

    I love them!! They are funny and it is entertaining because there are people really like this!!! Its interesting to watch people who act like total idiots but they think they are normal….keep the posts coming.