The Gosselin Sextuplets Turn Six

Here’s Kate Gosselin getting the sextuplets off to school this morning. I can’t even IMAGINE having to get them all up, ready, out the door, and onto the school bus on a daily basis :)

Yesterday the sextuplets celebrated their sixth birthday along with Mother’s Day at a party with their mother and with the Nield family (Steve is Kate’s bodyguard).

The kids reportedly will have a separate celebration with their father, Jon, today. It’s too bad they couldn’t all celebrate as one family, but I guess two parties isn’t a bad trade-off, is it?

Photos by INF




  1. CapturingLife says

    Uh, many working moms and stay at home moms straighten their hair and get “ready” every single day. Just because Kate wants to look good, she’s not taking care of her kids? Whatever.

  2. sarasoso says

    You could quit trying to imagine it Vera, please Kate can’t even imagine it because she doesn’t do it. She’s too busy straightening her hair and looking at herself in the mirror.

  3. cddelga says

    Agreed. I think it’s good for moms to take care of themselves. I like it when my mom spends the extra time on herself, anyway, because I think she deserves it.

  4. Scruffy says

    The kids are really cute, shame they have such attention whores for parents!!! Can anyone remind me exactly how they got ‘famous’ in the first place?